The U.S. State Division has made a willpower approving a attainable Overseas Navy Sale to the Taipei Financial and Cultural Consultant Workplace in the US of Volcano (vehicle-launched) anti-tank munition-laying methods and associated gear for an estimated value of $180 million. The Taipei Financial and Cultural Consultant Workplace in the US (TECRO) has requested to purchase Volcano (vehicle-launched) anti-tank munition-laying methods; M977A4 HEMTT 10-Ton cargo vehicles; M87A1 Anti-Tank (AT) munitions; M88 canister coaching munitions (observe dummy ammunition rounds); M89 coaching munitions (check ammunition rounds); natural U.S. Military Depot construct of Volcano system completely mounted on M977A4 HEMTT truck; logistics assist packages to incorporate spare components, spare secondary assemblies, software kits and check gear.

The M136 Volcano Car-Launched Scatterable Mine System is an automatic mine supply system developed by the US Military within the Eighties. The first goal of Volcano is to offer the using pressure with the aptitude to emplace massive minefields quickly below assorted situations. Volcano minefields are perfect for offering flank safety of advancing forces and for working in live performance with air and floor models on flank guard or display screen missions. The system makes use of prepackaged mine canisters which comprise a number of anti-personnel (AP) and/or anti-tank (AT) mines that are dispersed over a large space when ejected from the canister. The system, generally known as Volcano, can also be utilized by different armies world wide. When fitted to plane, the system is known as Air Volcano and when fitted to floor autos is known as Floor Volcano.


A simulation M88 observe mine canister ejected from an M139 Volcano mine dispenser throughout an illustration by U.S. Military Engineers to Polish Troopers at Camp Karliki, Poland June 27,2019. (Photograph by Sgt. Kris Wright/U.S. Military 358th Public Affairs Detachment)

Floor Volcano is designed to emplace massive minefields in depth and tactical minefields oriented on enemy forces in assist of manoeuvre operations and pleasant AT hearth. The system consists of the M139 Dispenser used for meting out pre-packaged mine canisters, the meting out management unit (DCU) and mounting {hardware}, and is designed to be mounted on both floor or aerial autos utilizing the identical parts aside from the mounting {hardware}, which varies between fitment. Volcano is designed to be fitted to and faraway from autos with a minimal of time and labour. The meting out system can also be designed for ease of use, to operated by personnel with a minimal of coaching. The ordnance utilized by the system is predicated upon a modified GATOR mine. Each stay and inert (coaching) ordnance is on the market; stay canisters are painted inexperienced whereas inert canisters are painted blue.

The M87A1 mine canister is prepackaged with six AT mines and one AP mine, every mine measuring 12 cm (4.72 in) in diameter and 6 cm (2.36 in) in top. The combination of mines is mounted and can’t be altered within the discipline. Every AP mine accommodates roughly 412 grams (14.5 ounces) of explosives, largely Comp B-4, and every AT mine accommodates roughly 605 grams (21.3 ounces) of explosives, largely RDX. AP mines have a electrical fusing circuit triggered by a visit wire; every mine deploys eight journey wires (4 on the highest and 4 on the underside) after floor influence as much as 12 metres (39 ft) from the mine. AT mines have a magnetically induced fuse and shouldn’t have anti-disturbance units; nevertheless, they’re extremely delicate to motion as soon as they’re armed and any try and take away the mines will doubtless lead to detonation.

A M-136 Volcano weapons system emplaces training mines during the company's training at Wilcox Range on Fort Knox, Ky.
A M977 HEMTT with M136 Volcano mine meting out system emplaces coaching mines throughout the firm’s coaching at Wilcox Vary on Fort Knox, Ky.(Photograph by Sgt. 1st Class Clinton Wooden/U.S. Military Reserve )