The U.S. State Division has made a dedication approving a attainable International Navy Sale (FMS) to the Authorities of Brazil of Javelin Anti-tank Missiles and associated gear for an estimated value of as much as $74 million. The Authorities of Brazil has requested to purchase as much as 200 twenty-two (222) Javelin anti-tank guided missiles, FGM-148; and thirty-three (33) Javelin Command Launch Models (CLU). Additionally included are Enhanced Producibility Primary Expertise Trainers; missile simulation rounds; Safety Help Administration Directorate technical help; Tactical Aviation and Floor Munitions Mission Workplace technical help. The prime contractors can be Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin Joint Enterprise, Orlando, FL, and Tucson, AZ.

The FGM-148 Javelin, or Superior Anti-Tank Weapon System-Medium (AAWS-M), is an American-made moveable anti-tank missile system in service since 1996, and repeatedly upgraded. It changed the M47 Dragon anti-tank missile in US service. Its fire-and-forget design makes use of computerized infrared steering that enables the person to hunt cowl instantly after launch, in distinction to wire-guided programs, just like the system utilized by the Dragon, which require a person to information the weapon all through the engagement. The Javelin’s high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead can defeat trendy tanks by prime assault, hitting them from above, the place their armor is thinnest, and can also be helpful in opposition to fortifications in a direct assault flight. As of 2019, the Javelin had been utilized in round 5,000 profitable engagements.


Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin FGM-148F anti-tank guided missiles

The FGM-148 Javelin is a fire-and-forget missile with lock-on earlier than launch and computerized self-guidance. The system takes a prime assault flight profile in opposition to armored automobiles, attacking the normally thinner prime armor, however also can make a direct assault, to be used in opposition to buildings, targets too shut for prime assault, targets underneath obstructions and helicopters. It could attain a peak altitude of 150 m (490 ft) in prime assault mode and 60 m (200 ft) in direct assault mode. Preliminary variations had a spread of two,000 m (6,600 ft), later elevated to 2,500 m (8,200 ft). It’s outfitted with an imaging infrared seeker. The tandem warhead is fitted with two formed fees: a precursor warhead to detonate any explosive reactive armor and a major warhead to penetrate base armor.

The system consists of three important parts: the Command Launch Unit, the Launch Tube Meeting and the missile itself. The gunner carries a reusable Command Launch Unit, extra generally known as a CLU (pronounced “clue”), which is the focusing on part of the two-part system. The CLU has three views that are used to seek out, goal, and hearth the missile and can also be used individually from the missile as a transportable thermal sight. Infantry are not required to remain in fixed contact with armored personnel carriers and tanks with thermal sights. This makes infantry personnel extra versatile and in a position to understand threats they’d not in any other case be capable to detect. Each the gunner and the ammunition bearer carry the Launch Tube Meeting, a disposable tube that homes the missile and protects the missile from harsh environments. The tube has built-in electronics and a locking hinge system that makes attachment and detachment of the missile to and from the Command Launch Unit a fast and easy course of.