The U.S. State Division has made a willpower approving a attainable Overseas Army Sale to the Authorities of Greece of MEKO Class Frigate Modernization and associated gear for an estimated value of $2.5 billion. The proposed sale will enhance Greece’s functionality to fulfill present and future threats by offering an efficient combatant deterrent functionality to guard maritime pursuits and infrastructure in help of its strategic location on NATO’s southern flank. This acquisition, which will probably be awarded to the winner of a global competitors for the Hellenic Navy (HN) MEKO Class Frigate Improve, will improve stability and maritime safety within the Japanese Mediterranean area and contribute to safety and strategic goals of NATO and america. The Authorities of Greece has requested to purchase gear and companies to restore, replace, and improve their 4 (4) current Hellenic Navy (HN) MEKO Class frigates. Greece contributes to NATO operations in Kosovo, in addition to to counterterrorism and counter-piracy maritime efforts. Greece may have no issue absorbing these articles and companies into its armed forces. The principal contractors will probably be Raytheon Missiles and Protection, Waltham, MA; Lockheed Martin, Bethesda, MD; BAE Techniques, Arlington, VA; and VSE Company, Alexandria, VA.

These upgrades will embrace the next: eight (8) Shut in Weapon Techniques (CIWS) Phalanx BLK 1B Baseline 2 improve kits; 4 (4) MK 45, 5” 54 caliber gun overhauls; 4 (4) MK 49 Guided Missile Launcher Techniques; 4 (4) COMBATSS-21 Fight Administration Techniques; and, 4 (4) AN/SQS-56 Sonar overhauls. Additionally included is the restore and/or improve of current techniques overhaul of Narwhal 20A Gun System; Sylena MK 2 Decoy Launching System with CANTO torpedo countermeasure; Radar/Hearth Management TRS-4D; Identification Buddy or Foe (IFF) Mode 5; NIXIE SLQ-25 Floor Ship Torpedo Protection System; Helicopter Dealing with System (Repairs); Protection Advance GPS Receiver (DAGR); Gun Pc System (GCS); Low Frequency Energetic Towed Sonar (LFATS); Compact Low Frequency Energetic Passive Variable Depth Sonar-2 (CAPTAS-2); Infrared Search & Monitor System (IRST); Elta Digital Warfare (EW), with C-ESM, R-ESM, and ECM functionality; Naval Laser- Warning System (NLWS); 7 meter Inflexible Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB); SQQ-89 ASW System; Hearth Management Radar System; Improved Level Detection System-Lifecycle Alternative (IPDS-LR); Enhanced Maritime Organic Detection (EMBD), in addition to vital Hull, Mechanical and Electrical upgrades.


The Hellenic Navy Hydra-class frigate HS Psara (F 494) fires its 5-inch gun throughout a live-fire train with the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Mitscher (DDG 57), March 12, 2021. (U.S. Navy photograph by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kaleb J. Sarten)

The MEKO 200 is a frigate design by the Blohm + Voss shipyard of Germany, as a part of the MEKO household of warships. The MEKO household of warships was developed by the German firm Blohm+Voss. MEKO is a registered trademark. The portmanteau stands for “Mehrzweck-Kombination” (English: multi-purpose-combination). It’s a idea in trendy naval shipbuilding based mostly on modularity of armament, electronics and different gear, aiming comfy of upkeep and value discount. MEKO ships embrace households of frigates, corvettes and ocean-going patrol boats. The newest variant is the “Fight Ship for the Littorals” or MEKO CSL. It has additionally been known as a “Littoral Combatant Ship”, however it’s a lot smaller than the American Littoral Fight Ship (LCS). There was hypothesis that this design could be of curiosity to Israel,but it surely was not. In the end nonetheless, Israel opted for 4 modified K130 Braunschweig-class corvettes, the primary of which is anticipated to enter service in 2019. The brand new variant is dubbed the Sa’ar 6-class corvette.

The Hydra class (MEKO 200HN) are a gaggle of 4 frigates in service with the Hellenic Navy. They have been designed in Germany and are a part of the MEKO group of modular warships, on this case the MEKO 200 design. The programme was authorised in 1988 and partially paid for with FMS support and previsioned for the fee of six vessels. The primary ship was in-built Germany and commissioned in 1992 however suffered a severe hearth whereas working up close to Portland, England. Repairs have been accomplished in 1993. The Greek constructed warships have been delayed as a result of monetary issues on the a part of the Hellenic Shipyards finishing within the late Nineties which additionally led to limiting the full variety of vessels to 4 primarily after the acquisition of eight Kortenaer-class frigates from the Netherlands within the late Nineties. In Could 2019, the Joint Chiefs of Normal Employees Council determined the graduation of the modernization program for the 4 ships of the category. The shipyard that can win the contract for the development of 4 frigates and a couple of ships because the interim answer can even modernize the 4 meko class frigates to make sure commonality between the techniques of the brand new frigates and the modernized meko class frigates.

Hellenic Navy Hydra frigate class Salamis (F-455)
The Hellenic Navy Hydra frigate class Salamis (F-455) throughout a Passing Train with Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) flagship HMS Duncan within the Aegean Sea. (NATO Photograph by GBR N LPhot Paul Corridor)