The U.S. State Division has made a dedication approving a doable Overseas Navy Sale to the Authorities of Finland of FIM-92K Stinger Man Moveable missiles; Manufacturing Verification Flight Check (PVFT) FIM-92K Stinger Man Moveable missiles; and associated tools for an estimated price of $380 million. The Authorities of Finland has requested to purchase 300 fifty (350) FIM-92K Stinger Man Moveable missiles; and 5 (5) Manufacturing Verification Flight Check (PVFT) FIM-92K Stinger Man Moveable missiles. Additionally included is help tools; manufacturing help, engineering and technical companies; transportation companies; and different associated components of program and logistics help.

The proposed sale will enhance Finland’s protection and deterrence capabilities. Finland intends to make use of these protection articles and companies to extend its nationwide inventory. This important platform will bolster the land and air protection capabilities in Europe’s northern flank, supporting the U.S. European Command’s high priorities. Finland can have no issue absorbing this tools into its armed forces. The principal contractors can be Raytheon Missiles and Protection, Tucson, AZ and Lockheed Martin Company, Syracuse, NY. There are not any identified offset agreements in reference to this potential sale. Implementation of this proposed sale won’t require the task of U.S. Authorities or contractor representatives to Finland.


FIM-92 Stinger Man-portable Air-defense system (MANPADS).

The FIM-92 Stinger is an American man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS) that operates as an infrared homing surface-to-air missile (SAM). It may be tailored to fireplace from all kinds of floor autos, and from helicopters. The Stinger missile has a size of 1.52m, a diameter of seven.62cm and fin span of 10.16cm. The system weighs round 10kg, whereas the whole weight together with that of grip inventory is 15.87kg. It entered service in 1981 and is utilized by the militaries of the US and 29 different nations. Finland can have no issue absorbing this tools into its armed forces. 171 FIM-92F Stinger-RMP Block I missiles had been introduced from Denmark for use for coaching functions.

The FIM-92K is a variant of the FIM-92 Stinger designed to make use of a automobile datalink somewhat than the missile’s personal seeker for concentrating on. The missile improve to interchange growing older parts to increase service life an extra 10 years. Upgrades embrace a proximity fuze warhead part, outfitted with a goal detection system to extend effectiveness in opposition to unmanned aerial autos, a brand new flight motor and fuel generator cartridge, in addition to new designs for the o-rings and integral desiccant cartridge. Whereas earlier variations of the Stinger had been supposedly succesful in opposition to bigger UAS (DoD Class 3), the FIM-92J and Okay have the flexibility to interact smaller UAS, even right down to Class 1.