Saab’s CEROS 200 has arrived in the US, from Sweden, for check and system demonstration by the U.S. Navy. CEROS 200 is a multi-mission precision gunfire and missile management system for floor naval platforms that gives enhanced fireplace management goal monitoring by integrating a number of sensor sorts. Greater than 200 CEROS 200 programs have been produced for world-wide operations. Within the U.S., CEROS 200 will likely be used for system characterization and functionality demonstrations in opposition to present and rising threats. The CEROS 200 director gives 3D monitoring. Saab’s multi-mission radar programs function on U.S. Navy and Coast Guard platforms.

The CEROS 200 (CElsius tech Radar and Optronic Website) is a radar and optronic monitoring fireplace management director designed by Saab to be used together with the 9LV Naval Fireplace Management System on naval ships. When interfaced to trendy missile or gun programs it gives defence in opposition to any trendy menace together with superior sea skimming missiles or uneven floor threats in littoral environments. The Ceros 200 has been operated efficiently in all situations, from arctic to tropical, and will be mixed with the 9LV Fight Administration System (CMS) or Fireplace Management System (FCS) to offer precision management for any naval gun or Floor-to-Air (SAM) missile system.


Ceros 200 director and-topside sensors mounted on a container which incorporates all gear inside for operations and demonstrations within the us. (Picture by Saab)

Relying on the litter scenario and Digital Countermeasures (ECM) menace, the radar selects its frequency agility sample between 32-pulse bursts and pulse doppler-signal processing, 4-pulse bursts and transferring goal indication processing, or pulse-to-pulse agility. The heartbeat repetitive frequency and pulse width are chosen relying on the proximity of the goal. The digital receiver, together with the improved sign processing, permits the next diploma of flexibility of pulse size and waveform, e.g. for adapting to new threats. The radar design incorporates many Digital Counter-Countermeasure (ECCM) options: Very low antenna aspect lobes, Very vast bandwidth, Numerous transmission frequencies, Random choice of frequency and Lock-on jam, track-on jam.

A number of Ceros 200, Eos 500 electro-optical monitoring programs, gun fireplace management and missile management modules will be mixed in a 9LV fireplace management subsystem, the place operators dynamically allocate any mixture of tracker and weapon to deal with surrounding threats. The Ceros 200 incorporates CHASE, a patented methodology for processing advanced radar goal return alerts from low flying targets – resembling sea skimming missiles – to eradicate multipath results. Ceros 200 is accessible in a Steady Wave Illuminator (CWI) configuration offering an extra x-band channel for goal illumination and management of semi-active missiles. Mixed with Saab’s gun fireplace management, Ceros 200 gives unparalleled accuracy for gun engagements