The U.S. Air Drive Life Cycle Administration Heart’s Small Arms Program Workplace is within the ultimate section of delivering the Squad Designated Marksmanship Rifle, or SDMR, to models throughout the Air Drive. The SDMR is a semi-automatic, 7.62x51mm caliber rifle designed by Heckler & Koch for missions requiring fight over-watch with precision-fire functionality to precisely interact targets as much as 600 meters. The U.S. Air Drive bought roughly 1,464 SDMRs that might be distributed throughout the service based mostly on accredited allowances. The SDMR was fielded to Air Drive models this yr. It’s a multi-role asset, set to satisfy a number of missions happening world wide.

“We’re excited to area this unimaginable weapon system. Having the ability to area one resolution that may successfully obtain a number of missions epitomizes Air Drive acquisition methods and exhibits Airmen capacity to adapt to any scenario,” mentioned Matthew Hamer, Small Arms Program Workplace lead.


The Squad Designated Marksmanship Rifle is ready for testing on a spread at Robins Air Drive Base, Ga., April 13, 2022. Roughly 1,464 SDMRs might be distributed throughout the drive based mostly on accredited allowances. (U.S. Air Drive picture by Shaun Ferguson)

It’s going to exchange legacy M24 Sniper Weapon Techniques for safety forces defenders performing base protection operations in-garrison and in contingency help. The SDMR is lighter weight compared to different 7.62 platforms and also will exchange the M110 Semi-Computerized Sniper Techniques rifle for pararescuemen and Guardian Angels, saving them 5 kilos in gear whereas out on missions. Lastly, the SDMR’s precision-fire functionality might be wielded by Air Drive Explosive Ordnance Disposal technicians to remove small munitions of their standoff munition disruption actions.

The M110A1 Squad Designated Marksman Rifles (SDMR) is a variant of the 7.62 mm G28/HK417. Underneath phrases of the settlement, the rifles, that are manufactured by HK in Oberndorf, Germany are first shipped to the HK-USA facility in Columbus, GA. The U.S. Military a hundred and first Airborne Division acknowledged the necessity for a Squad Designated Marksman after they encountered fires past the 300-600m vary. The SDMR is designed to supply engagement functionality on the squad stage to 600 meters, much like the wants expressed by members of USSOCOM that led to the event of weapons such because the Mk 12 Particular Function Rifle (SPR) and the SEAL Recon Rifle.