On Aug. 9, an U.S. Air Power F-16 Preventing Falcon dropped a 500-pound Joint Direct Assault Munition (JDAM) in a chosen space of Fort McCoy’s influence space on North Publish for the primary time in submit historical past as a part of coaching within the Northern Lightning 2021 train. The Northern Lightning train is centered yearly at Volk Area, Wis., which is about 30 miles from Fort McCoy. The historic coaching mark of the usage of the JDAM at Fort McCoy additionally occurred in the identical week as one other historic occasion when fortieth Chief of Workers of the U.S. Military Gen. James McConville visited the set up. For the 2021 train, Volk Area Fight Readiness Coaching Heart hosted roughly 50 plane and almost 1,000 members of the Nationwide Guard, Air Power, Military, and Navy as a part of the train.

Items from California, Idaho, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin will all take part within the train Aug. 10-21. Northern Lightning started within the early 2000s earlier than increasing right into a large-scale train in 2015. It grew to become a biannual train in 2018 and 2019 and returned to an annual train in 2020. Northern Lightning is a tactical-level joint coaching train replicating immediately’s air battlespace with present and future weapons platforms.


A 500-pound Joint Direct Assault Munition explodes on a goal within the influence space after being dropped from an Air Power F-16 Preventing Falcon at Fort McCoy, Wis., on Aug. 13, 2021. (Photograph by Kevin Clark, Fort McCoy Multimedia/Visible Info Workplace)

“This was the primary time we’ve had use of a guided munition like this at Fort McCoy, and it demonstrates the nice work that our vary planners and vary security specialists did to make it attainable. Our crew did a incredible job coordinating the floor hazard zone areas for utilizing the JDAMs. That was not a simple factor to do, however I believe it’s a fantastic factor to see it labored out. It provides one other dimension of coaching functionality to the set up,” stated Coaching Coordination Chief Larry Sharp with the Fort McCoy Directorate of Plans, Coaching, Mobilization and Safety (DPTMS).

The Joint Direct Assault Munition (JDAM) is a joint Air Power and Navy program. In line with the U.S. Air Power truth sheet about JDAMs, the JDAM is a steering tail package that converts present unguided free-fall bombs into correct, adverse-weather “sensible” munitions. The JDAM used primarily throughout the bombing coaching at Fort McCoy was the 500-pound BLU-111/MK 82 warhead. The JDAM improves the accuracy of unguided, general-purpose bombs in any climate situation. Situated within the coronary heart of the higher Midwest, Fort McCoy is the one U.S. Military set up in Wisconsin. The set up has offered help and services for the sector and classroom coaching of greater than 100,000 navy personnel from all providers almost yearly since 1984.

US Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon Drop JDAM Munitions for First Time at Fort McCoy’s Impact Area
An Air Power F-16 Preventing Falcon flies over Fort McCoy, Wis., on Aug. 13, 2021. The fighter jet was collaborating within the Northern Lightning 2021 train at close by Volk Area, Wis. F-16s additionally dropped 500-pound Joint Direct Assault Munitions for the primary time on the Fort McCoy influence space throughout the train.(Photograph by Kevin Clark, Fort McCoy Multimedia/Visible Info Workplace)