Militarnyi reported that Ukrainian Troopers focused a navy truck that had been carrying Russian-backed separatists. Cited from volunteer Oleksandr Karpyuk, who stated that the Ukrainian-made anti-tank missile direct hit an enemy goal 3,4 miles (5.6km) away. Volunteer additionally shares dramatic video displaying the second of assault on the enemy navy truck. Javelins usually are not the one ones, meet Ukrainian Stugna-P anti-tank guided missile system. Within the video, two objects are price noting, Stugna-P and the Ural truck.

The Stugna-P, often known as Skif in export modification, is a Ukrainian anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system developed by the Luch Design Bureau. Its steering gadget (??-?) is developed and manufactured by Belarusian design bureau Peleng based mostly in Minsk. The identify actually means “Scythian”. Based on Defense Blog, Stugna-P developed by Kyiv-based LUCH design bureau to destroy manpower and stationary and cell trendy armored targets with mixed, carried, or monolithic armor together with ERA (explosive reactive armor) and in addition pinpoint targets like weapon emplacements, evenly armored objects and hovered helicopters at any time of day or night time. The laser-guided system has a spread of 5800 meters and may penetrate armor as much as 1100 millimeters thickness.


Stugna-P Anti-tank Guided Missile

The Skif consists of a tripod, missile container, PDU-215 distant management panel, steering gadget and thermal imager. The PDU-215 management panel is a briefcase-like laptop computer with a management panel, containing a small joystick and a flat-screen show to help the missile’s steering. Two firing modes can be found: handbook, and fire-and-forget. Fireplace-and-forget offers computerized management of the missile flight utilizing a concentrating on laser beam. The PDU-215 permits the management of the unit from as much as 50 meters away (with a wire channel). A 3 to four-person crew is perfect for deploying the Skif, operators require specially-made backpacks. As soon as the missile is fired, the operator controls the Skif and corrects the intention when vital, by utilizing the joystick on the distant management.

The system comes full with 130mm and 152mm caliber missiles in transport and launching containers. Tandem cost HEAT RK-2S warheads may have the ability to counter medium weight fundamental battle tanks such because the T-90A with penetration of 800mm behind ERA. RK-2M-Ok warheads may have the ability to counter heavy fundamental battle tanks equivalent to M1 Abrams with their penetration of 1100mm behind ERA. The system additionally consists of HE-fragmentation RK-2OF and RK-2?-OF warheads to assault infantry positions and light-weight armored automobiles. The system can use all 4 sorts of missiles with out requiring modification. The system has a thermal imager to be used throughout night time operations.