Ukrainian Armed Forces have obtained its first batch of Saab AT4 disposable anti-tank launchers from Sweden. It was beforehand reported that Sweden would provide 5,000 AT4 to Ukraine. Sweden on Sunday introduced it might break its doctrine of not sending arms to nations engaged in an lively battle, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson introduced Sunday, because the nation will ship 5000 anti-tank launchers, 5000 physique armors, 5000 fight helmets, and 135 000 24h discipline rations. to Ukraine. The nation’s prime minister underlined that the choice to ship this sort of navy help is the primary time Sweden has despatched weapons to a rustic in an armed battle for the reason that Soviet Union invaded Finland in 1939.

Swedish media reported that Ukraine had particularly requested the Robotic-57 anti-tank system also called the NLAW and AT-4 disposable anti-tank launcher. The NLAW is a joint British and Swedish short-range fire-and-forget anti-tank missile system. Designed to be used by infantry, the NLAW is shoulder-fired and disposable, firing as soon as earlier than being disposed of. The AT4 is a Swedish 84 mm (3.31 in) unguided, man-portable, single-shot, disposable, recoilless smoothbore anti-tank weapon constructed by Saab Bofors Dynamics (beforehand Bofors Anti-Armour Methods). The AT4 requires little coaching and is kind of easy to make use of, making it appropriate for basic points.


The promised navy materiel help to Ukraine has been delivered. (Photograph by Antonia Sehlstedt/Försvarsmakten)

The AT4 could also be thought of a disposable, low-cost different to a Carl Gustaf 8.4cm recoilless rifle. The AT4 took lots of its design options from the Carl Gustaf, which operates on the precept of a recoilless weapon, the place the ahead inertia of the projectile is balanced by the inertia of propellant gases ejecting from the rear of the barrel. However in contrast to the Carl Gustaf, which makes use of a heavier and dearer metal tube with rifling, the disposable AT4 design tremendously reduces manufacturing prices through the use of a bolstered smoothbore fiberglass outer tube. Being a disposable gun additionally permits for lighter and cheaper development.

In a single-use disposable gun, the barrel solely wants to have the ability to comprise a single strain spike when firing, when it may be disposed of, even whether it is ruined, burnt-out and strained, in contrast to conventional weapons that are required to outlive many strain spikes with out failure and thus have to be strongly overbuilt and made from heat-proof supplies. Pressures are additionally saved fairly low in comparison with many conventional weapons. This light-weight and skinny barrel and low strain, mixed with the just about full lack of recoil, implies that comparatively massive projectiles will be utilized, which might in any other case be inconceivable in a man-portable weapon.