The Turkish Fırtına (Strom) 155 mm self-propelled howitzer will achieve extra exact strike functionality ROKETSAN’s Vary Correction Package (Mesafece Düzeltme Kiti, MDK). The Vary Correction Package is a steering package that gives vary correction. This product, which is within the type of a fuze, will likely be mounted on varied ammunition, primarily 155 mm cannon pictures. Though the package doesn’t improve the detonation impact of the ammunition, it ensures that the purpose the place the ammunition falls is approaching the goal level in vary.

The Vary Correction Package (MDK) offers howitzer commanders a precision weapon that’s domestically out there, no matter climate circumstances (in contrast to bombs dropped from plane). As a result of the MDK is so correct, the dangers of friendly-fire casualties and collateral harm are not deterrents to utilizing gun artillery in city environments. The Vary Correction Package resolution can be utilized in operational use, in residential districts and in areas the place shut contact with the enemy is supplied, with the excessive precision strike functionality it supplies.


ROKETSAN’s Vary Correction Package (Mesafece Düzeltme Kiti, MDK)

The Vary Correction Package consists of a form of cell asymmetrically shifting out of the shell fuse to adapt the trajectory of the shell to precisely attain the focused level. The event work of the Vary Correction Package, which permits the fins built-in with the plug to open on the specified time through the use of the deviation worth on the preliminary velocity, and corrects the gap by means of the ensuing air brake, continued. Along with mortar ammunition, Vary Correction Package may be used with 105/155 mm artillery ammunition.

In line with Defenceturk, a growth and mass manufacturing contract was signed between Turkish Presidency of Protection Industries and ROKETSAN for the design and manufacturing of a steering package with home assets to bolster its excessive use with excessive precision strike functionality. ASELSAN was engaged on directing the ammunition to the goal exactly by correcting the flank and/or distance as a way to improve the strike sensitivity of the artillery and mortar ammunition. The mission was transferred from ASELSAN to ROKETSAN and it’s now entrusted to ROKETSAN engineers.