The Republic of Slovenia will ship 28 M-55S predominant battle tanks to Ukraine. M-55S is a T-55 modernization developed by the STO RAVNE firm and engineers of the Israeli firm Elbit. Slovenia modernized 30 T-55 tanks within the stock of its armed forces. The final T-55 was modernized to the M-55S normal in Might 1999. In return, Slovenia will receive from German-made Marder tracked armored infantry combating automobiles and Fuchs 6×6 armored automobiles, together with 35 heavy 8×8 hook loaders and 5 heavy water tankers, the assertion reads. Slovenia additionally offered 35 BVP M-80A tracked armored infantry combating automobiles (IFVs) to Ukraine. The ring change may also strengthen protection cooperation between Slovenia and Germany.

The T-54/55 is a Soviet medium tank, not even a predominant battle tank, which weighs solely 36 tons. The T-54/T-55 tank sequence is probably the most broadly used tank on the planet and has seen service in over 50 international locations. It has additionally served because the platform for all kinds of specialty armored automobiles. Total Slovenian Floor Power T-55s have been modernized to the M-55S/M-55S-1 normal. The unique 100 mm tank gun was changed by the NATO-standard 105 mm one with a thermal sleeve. The armour safety of the tank was improved significantly by attaching Rafael ERA blocks to the hull and the turret. This armour is believed to be the newest Israeli Tremendous Blazer system which provides a excessive stage of safety in opposition to Excessive Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) assault however can’t be activated by small arms hearth.


Slovenian Floor Power M-55S Major Battle Tank

A digital ballistic pc was put in so as to enhance the hearth management system (FCS). The gunner has the Fotona SGS-55 two-axis stabilized day-and-night sight with an integral laser rangefinder. Along with the integral optic sight the commander has the Fotona COMTOS-55 sight with an impartial line-of-sight stabilization, which permits him to accumulate targets and lay the gun independently if required. The driving force has the Fotona CODRIS mixed day/night time commentary periscope. The LIRD-1A laser illumination warning receiver was mated with front-mounted IS-6 smoke grenade launchers (of which there are six in two clusters, one per aspect of the turret) and will be routinely activated in an emergency.

Modernization of the V-12 diesel engine resulted in a rise in energy from 520 hp to 600 hp. The engine and crew compartments are every fitted with a fire-detection and suppression system. Every of those methods includes optical detectors, cylinders stuffed with Halon 1301 fuel and a management system which will be operated routinely or manually. The tank can even lay a smoke display screen by injecting diesel gas into the exhaust outlet on the left hand aspect of the hull. As an choice a brand new energy pack that features a MAN 850 hp diesel can be put in. With a fight weight of 40 tonnes, this energy pack would give an excellent power-to-weight ratio of simply over 21 hp/tonne. The operating gear has rubber aspect skirts and the tank was outfitted with new rubber and steel tracks.

Slovenian Ground Force M-55S Main Battle Tank
Slovenian Floor Power M-55S Major Battle Tank