Saab has acquired an order from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) for deliveries of ammunition for the recoilless Carl-Gustaf® rifle. The order worth is roughly SEK 800 million and deliveries will happen 2023-2025. The order is positioned inside a framework settlement, which was up to date in April 2022, and permits FMV to position orders for floor fight weapons and ammunition from Saab throughout a ten-year interval. The order includes the brand new programmable excessive explosive ammunition, designated HE 448. A brand new Hearth Management System (FCD), designated FCD 558, was additionally demonstarted on the occasion. The brand new HE 448 programmable spherical has the power to speak with the brand new Hearth Management System 558 by way of a brand new protocol often known as Firebolt®.

Saab 84mm HE 448 Programmable Munition.

Along with the brand new Hearth Management System, FCD 558, which Sweden ordered in late 2021, the brand new programmable excessive explosive ammunition HE 448 provides the Carl-Gustaf operator the power to shortly configure a chambered spherical. The HE 448 spherical offers the FCD 558 with the precise info on spherical sort and propellant temperature and combines this with goal distance entered by the operator to find out the most effective trajectory. The big selection of ammunition accessible for Carl-Gustav additional strengthens the system’s tactical flexibility, enabling quicker engagement, elevated hit likelihood and higher effectiveness for the troopers.Because of this Carl-Gustaf operators will be capable to shortly configure a chambered spherical and so enhance their operational effectiveness.


Saab Carl-Gustaf M4 with Fire Control Device 558
Saab Carl-Gustaf M4 with Hearth Management System 558.

The Carl-Gustaf is a light-weight, low-cost weapon that makes use of a variety of ammunition, which makes it extraordinarily versatile and appropriate for all kinds of roles. Enhancements to the ammunition have been continuous. Whereas the older HEAT rounds are usually not notably efficient towards trendy tank armor, the weapon has discovered new life as a bunker-buster with an HEDP spherical. As well as, improved HEAT, excessive explosive (HE), smoke and illumination (star shell or flare) ammunition can also be accessible. Developed in 1946, it was one of many many recoilless rifle designs of that period. Whereas related weapons have usually disappeared from service, the Carl-Gustaf remains to be in manufacturing and stays in widespread use right now.

Two HE 448 rounds detonate as air burst over a target – high speed camera
Two HE 448 rounds detonate as air burst over a goal – excessive pace digital camera.