Russian particular forces are efficiently utilizing the Arbalet-DM remote-controlled weapons stations (RCWS) throughout the particular operation in Ukraine. The Tigr-M multipurpose car with the Arbalet-DM distant managed weapon station was unveiled throughout the Military 2016 exhibition. It entered service with the Russian armed forces in 2017. Tigr armored autos with the Arbalet distant managed weapon stations are efficiently utilized by Russian particular forces throughout mopping up operations, permitting the operator to observe the state of affairs from a secure place, a safety supply was quoted as saying by TASS.

The Arbalet-DM (Arbalet – Crossbow) distant managed weapon station (RCWS) developed by a non-public agency Oruzhejnye Masterskie along side the Kovrov electromechanical plant. The Arbalet-DM remote-controlled weapons station (RCWS) may be put in on wheeled and tracked chassis, in addition to on floor ships and stationary guard posts. The module can mechanically detect and monitor targets each whereas stationary and in motion. Its optic cameras can detect objects on the distance of as much as 2.5 kilometers, whereas infrared cameras have the vary of as much as 1.5 kilometers.


Arbalet-DM Distant Managed Weapon Station

The Arbalet-DM important armament is both a 12.7-mm KORD heavy machine gun with 150 rounds of ammunition, or a 7.62-mm PKTM machine gun with 250 rounds of ammunition. Sighting vary at floor targets and goals reached – 2,000 m within the daytime and 1,500 m within the night time. Because of the design of the machine gun, the design of the weapon station was additionally improved. Ammunition – as much as 450 photographs. Moreover, to reinforce the safety of the vehocle, to the Arbalet-DM RCWS may be mounted 4 smoke grenade launchers. The weapon station’s sighting system can also be outfitted with a laser rangefinder. The laser rangefinder has a variety of measuring ranges: 100-3000 m.

The Tigr (Tiger) is a Russian 4×4 multipurpose all-terrain infantry mobility car manufactured by Army Industrial Firm, first delivered to the Russian military in 2006. It featured a brand new YaMZ-534 diesel engine, a brand new armored hood, air filter set up, a rise within the variety of rear passenger seats (from 8 to 9) and the alternative of the bicuspid rear hatch with a big sq. hatch. The M stands for Modernizirovanniy or Upgraded in Russian. At the moment, the Tigr-M is mass-produced and equipped to the Russian Military, together with with the brand new Arbalet-DM distant management weapons station which consists of 12.7mm Kord or 7.62mm PKTM machine weapons.