The most recent Karakurt-class corvette Tsiklon (801) that’s set to enter service with the Black Sea Fleet efficiently performed artillery firings throughout state trials within the Black Sea. The crew of the state-of-the-art small missile ship Tsiklon efficiently examined artillery techniques and performed artillery firings at a Black Sea Fleet naval apply vary. The artillery firings had been performed as a part of the ship’s state trials earlier than it entered into service with the Black Sea Fleet. The warship’s crew practiced its duties collectively with the Shipyard’s supply crew. At sea, the crew performed firings from artillery weapons in the usual mannequin and likewise at most rotation and elevation modes in opposition to simulated naval, coastal, and aerial targets. Additionally, its ship and armament management techniques had been fine-tuned through the artillery firings.

The Tsiklon corvette is constructed by Zaliv Shipyard in Kerch. The Tsiklon has floated a yr in the past and is present process trials. Particularly, they carry Pantsir-M air protection launcher. The Tsiklon can hearth Kalibr and Onyx missiles. The physique of the warships is made with stealth applied sciences. The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy is to obtain the most recent Tsiklon corvette of venture 22800 armed with Pantsir-M air protection this yr. The corvette will get upgraded venture 22800 corvettes armed with higher weapons than predecessors. Mission 22800 corvettes carry eight cruise missiles every. Kalibr can strike at coastal and sea targets. The corvettes will reinforce the forty first brigade of missile ships, which is vital, as NATO warships commonly sail near Crimea


The Tsiklon is a Karakurt class (Mission 22800 Karakurt, European Blak Widow), is a brand new class of Russian corvettes (small missile-ships in Russian classification) which have been getting into service with the Russian Navy since 2018. The category is meant as a extra seaworthy, blue-water complement to the Buyan-M class corvettes, designed for the littoral zone and which as of 2015 serve in Russia’s Caspian Flotilla, Baltic Fleet, and Black Sea Fleet. They’re additionally to be an affordable different for bigger Admiral Grigorovich class frigates, for which development was delayed as a result of suspended navy cooperation with Ukraine, and since Russia meant to proceed the modernization of its navy till all needed duties for development of bigger vessels domestically are solved. However, delays within the provide of domestically-produced engines for the Karakurt-class had held up the completion of a number of models as of 2020.

Mission 22800 derives from Mission 12300 Skorpion, a proposed Nineteen Nineties Almaz design for a 500-ton displacement missile boat, and was additionally closely influenced by Mission 21631, the Buyan-M corvettes. Ships of the category have a stealth-shaped superstructure with an built-in mast carrying 4 phased array radar panels. The first armament consists of Kalibr cruise missiles or P-800 Oniks supersonic anti-ship missiles carried in eight UKSK VLS cells within the rear a part of the superstructure, behind the bridge. The corvettes constructed for the Russian Navy will likely be geared up with a 76.2 mm AK-176MA automated dual-purpose gun. Nonetheless, at the least on the primary ship, the 100 mm A-190 was put in. For anti-missile protection, the primary two ships will solely carry a pair of AK-630M gun-based CIWS. Ranging from the third ship, they are going to be geared up with Pantsir-M, a navalized model of the Pantsir surface-to-air missile system.