Russian forces have been noticed utilizing the ISDM Zemledeliye (which in Russian means “Agriculture”) mine-laying system in Ukraine, marking the system’s fight debut. Video circulating on social media since 27 March, reveals two Zemledeliye mine-laying MLRS allegedly being deployed in Kharkiv Oblast. It may be utilized in protection and offense. In protection to dam the enemy’s advance and in offense to dam retreat and/or channel the enemy into the specified killing zone. The mines launched by this technique are programmable, which means they are often deactivated or self-destructed sooner or later with the cessation of hostilities.

Russian Military ISDM Zemledeliye 8X8 Remotely Managed Minelayer System

ISDM Zemledeliye designed by the Ganichev NPO Splav Analysis and Manufacturing Affiliation (underneath administration of Technodinamika Holding). NPO Splav is among the main international corporations builders and producers of a number of launch rocket programs (MLRS), and one of many key corporations offering Russian arms for the worldwide market within the section. Zemledeliye is principally just like a number of rocket programs. It fires strong propellant projectiles carrying various kinds of landmines. Distant minelaying has a number of benefits. Minefields might be laid very quick, particularly, in hard-to-access areas.


Russian Army ISDM Zemledeliye 8X8 Remotely Controlled Minelayer System
Russian Military ISDM Zemledeliye 8X8 Remotely Managed Minelayer System

The ISDM Zemledeliye contains a KamAZ 6560 8×8 heavy obligation wheeled chassis automobile, a transporter-loader, and launch pod containers loaded with numerous sorts of mines. The remotely managed minelayer system robotically packages launch missions and self-destruct parameters for the mines, and creates a map of the mined zone after planting the mines. All information is transmitted to the upper command tiers. The automobile that can be on the remaining stage of its trials has lowered an operator’s position to the minimal. The automobile prepares flight mission assignments and pre-sets munitions, together with their self-destruction time, within the automated mode.

POM-3 Medallion  anti-personnel mines
POM-3 Medallion anti-personnel mines

The Russian POM-3 Medallion is a high-explosive (HE), scatterable, anti-personnel (AP), bounding fragmentation, self-destruct landmine designed to be dispersed/ejected from quite a lot of airborne and floor supply programs. On dispersal from its container, the landmine is oriented by way of a parachute. The POM-3 makes use of a proximity seismic fuze with a self-destruct time of both 8 or 24hrs. As soon as in an appropriate place, a seismic rod sensor is pressured into the bottom. It’s supposed to bury itself into the bottom to a depth of its physique top. If it lands on onerous floor, six spring-loaded ft deploy and place the landmine in an upright place.