The most recent Kornet-D1 air-droppable self-propelled anti-tank missile system primarily based on the chassis of the BMD-4M airborne infantry combating automobile meant for Russia’s Airborne Power has entered the ultimate stage of firing checks. The Excessive Precision Weapons Group has switched to the ultimate stage of firing checks and the automobile can also be present process laboratory and street checks. The Kornet-D1 able to placing two totally different targets at a time and delivering automated fireplace. The trials of the brand new weapon developed for anti-tank items of the Airborne Power’s artillery held at a number of ranges of the Russian Protection Ministry.

The anti-tank missile system primarily based on the chassis of the BMD-4M airborne assault automobile that’s landed by the parachute methodology will possess distinctive capabilities by the vary and the accuracy of its fireplace. The automobile might be among the many first most superior precision weapons developed for the Airborne Power’s artillery formations and can significantly improve the firepower of airborne assault and parachute items. The Kornet anti-tank missile system engineered by the Shipunov Design Bureau of Instrument-Making (a part of the Excessive Precision Weapons Group) is designated to strike tanks and different armored targets, together with automobiles outfitted with reactive armor.


Kornet-EM missiles on a Kornet-D launcher

The Kornet-D makes use of a SACLOS (semi-automatic command to line of sight) steerage. The operator locks on to a goal that has been illuminated by a laser. The missile then travels alongside the road of sight to house in on the goal. It may possibly interact targets as much as a distance of 6,015 yards (5,500m). The Kornet-D can fireplace both a HEAT warhead or an explosive thermobaric warhead. The HEAT warhead can penetrate as much as 47 inches (1,200mm) of armor and might defeat tanks with explosive reactive armor. It may possibly additionally pierce strengthened concrete constructions as much as 11.5 toes (3m) thick. The explosive thermobaric warhead has the explosive energy of twenty-two kilos (10 kg) of TNT.

The Kornet-D1 is being developed for 2 kinds of carriers: the wheeled chassis of the Tigr-M armored automobile and the tracked platform of the BMD-4M airborne infantry combating automobile. In January 2019, the Russian MoD introduced it will start state trials of the 9P163 Kornet-D1 anti-tank missile system, a model of the BMD-4M chassis modified to fireplace Kornet ATGMs. The BMD-4M is an infantry combating automobile developed and manufactured by the Volgograd Tractor Plant to satisfy the necessities of the Russian Airborne Troops (VDV). Though the Kornet-D can be utilized by infantry forces, the load of the missile system predisposes it to being launched from a platform on a automobile.

Kornet-D/EM is a Russian anti-tank guided missile system platform based on the GAZ-2975.
Kornet-D/EM is a Russian anti-tank guided missile system platform primarily based on the GAZ-2975 Tigr