The personnel of a tank battalion of Russia’s 201st army base in Tajikistan has undergone retraining to function upgraded T-72B3M principal battle tanks with improved fight properties. A batch of 30 T-72B3M principal battle tanks and 20 BMP-2M infantry combating automobiles arrived for the 201st army base as a part of its rearmament with superior weaponry in December 2021. A battalion of upgraded tanks boosted the capabilities of a motorized infantry unit by way of improved maneuverability and the crew’s armored safety. The upgraded T-72B3M has acquired an efficient safety system that enhances its effectivity each in mixed arms warfare and in a fight setting.

In the middle of their coaching, the crews studied the fight capabilities and technical traits of the tank, the preparation of its armaments, sighting methods, and ranging tools. On the Lyaur mountainous proving floor, the tank gunners and commanders carried out fireplace on the transfer towards the targets situated at a distance of as much as 2,000 meters from the 125mm weapons outfitted with the Sosna-U multichannel sight that cuts the time of detecting and hanging targets. The driving force mechanics additionally practiced conducting speedy maneuvers, surmounting pure and synthetic obstacles, and transferring backward utilizing rear-view cameras.


Uralvagonzavod upgraded T-72B3M principal battle tank in motion. (Russia MOD)

T-72B3M, additionally known as T-72B4, is an upgraded variant of the T-72B3 principal battle tank (MBT) developed by Uralvagonzavod Analysis and Manufacturing Company. The T-72B3M MBT is mounted with the brand new Relikt explosive reactive armour (ERA) changing the earlier Kontakt-5 second-generation ERA. The brand new armour affords superior safety towards formed fees, tandem warheads, APFSDS rounds, anti-tank guided missiles, in addition to low-velocity and high-velocity missiles. The T-72B3M MBT is powered by a brand new V-92S2F engine instead of the previous 780hp diesel engine. The T72B3M is armed with a 2A46M5 125mm smoothbore gun, which is a sophisticated model of the 2A46M cannon.

The Russian 201st Navy Base is a Russian army base primarily based in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, a part of the Central Navy District. It was initially raised twice in World Struggle II as a part of the Soviet Union’s Purple Military and is now a part of the Russian Floor Forces. The division was fashioned as Purple Military nationwide unit on 3 August 1941 in Gorokhovets, Vladimir Oblast, Moscow Navy District from stays of the twenty fourth Territorial Rifle Corps. In October 2004, it was renamed the 201st Navy Base. In October 2012, it was signed an settlement extending the time period of deployment of the Russian army base in Tajikistan till 2042.

Russian 201st Military Base in Tajikistan Retrained to Operate Upgraded T-72B3M Tanks
The Russian Ministry of Protection confirmed the switch of the most recent upgraded T-72B3M principal battle tanks to 201st Navy Base in Tajikistan. (Photograph Russian MOD)