The Royal Malaysian Navy (Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia) Japanese Fleet has divested its holding of the Starstreak automobile mounted surface-to-air missile system. The Japanese Fleet acknowledged that the Royal Malaysian Navy Air Defence Unit was disbanded six years after it was stood up on account of present operational wants. Malaysian Defence reported that Royal Malaysian Navy Air Defence Unit had been outfitted with not less than 4 gentle weight a number of launchers (LML) launchers. Two of the LML had been mounted on the Weststar GKMK-1 Speedy Rover autos. It’s possible that the Starstreak VSHORAD from the Royal Malaysian Navy Air Defence unit are actually in service with a Malaysian Military Air Defence unit in Fifth Division in Sabah.

Starstreak is a British short-range floor to air missile that can be utilized as a man-portable air-defence system (MANPADS) or in heavier techniques, it’s manufactured by Thales Air Defence (previously Shorts Missile Programs), in Belfast, Northern Eire. It’s also often known as Starstreak HVM (Excessive Velocity Missile). After launch, the missile accelerates to greater than Mach 4, making it the quickest short-range surface-to-air missile in existence. It then launches three laser beam-riding submunitions, growing the probability of a profitable hit on the goal. Starstreak has been in service with the British Military since 1997. In 2012 Thales relaunched the system as ForceSHIELD.


Starstreak LML on Weststar GKMK-1 Speedy Rover autos configuration

In 2015, Thales it has signed a contract with World Komited, an organization inside The Weststar Group, to provide the Malaysian Armed Forces with ForceSHIELD, the Thales built-in Superior Air Defence system. Along with the STARStreak missiles, the system includes CONTROLMaster 200 radar and weapon coordination techniques, RAPIDRanger and RAPIDRover cell weapon techniques and the Subsequent Technology Light-weight A number of Launcher, in addition to related communications. Ordered an undisclosed variety of LML and vehicle-based variants. The acquisition of ForceSHIELD will allow the Malaysian Armed Forces to exchange and improve the beforehand commissioned Thales STARBurst missile system, which has been in service because the mid 1990’s.

When used within the gentle or MANPADS position, the Starstreak missile is transported in a sealed launch tube. This tube is hooked up to an aiming unit for firing. The missile then fires the first-stage rocket motor; this launches the missile from the tube however burns out earlier than leaving the tube to guard the operator. 4 metres (13 toes) away from the operator, when the missile is at a secure distance, the second stage fires. This quickly accelerates the missile to a burn-out velocity exceeding Mach 4. Because the second stage burns out, three dart sub-munitions are launched. The dart housing is comprised of a tungsten alloy. Every dart consists of a rotating fore-body, with two canard fins, hooked up to a non-rotating rear meeting with 4 fins. The rear meeting of every dart additionally homes the steering electronics together with a rearwards going through sensor.