AFMETCAL, the Air Pressure Metrology and Calibration Authority, has been looking for to buy microwave measurement receivers (MMR) for its precision measurement tools laboratories (PMEL’s) and Air Pressure main requirements laboratory (AFPSL). In accordance with these necessities Rohde & Schwarz has developed the R&S FSMR3000AF measuring receiver to calibrate sign turbines and attenuators with one single instrument. Most essential options offered are tuned RF stage measurements, stage measurements, analog modulation and spectrum evaluation. That is the second order in between months, which AFMETCAL has positioned with Rohde & Schwarz.

Designed with a objective to scale back the complexity related to the calibration of sign turbines and attenuators, the R&S FSMR3000AF measuring receiver check platform incorporates progressive options and performance that reduces a calibration’s lab check course of complexity. The 26.5 GHz and 50 GHz devices present all wanted measurement capabilities built-in in a single field instrument taking over minimal area. The excessive dynamic of the R&S FSMR3000AF supplies for a stage measurement vary of –148 dBm to +30 dBm. As well as, the instrument’s excessive linearity of 0.01 dB + 0.005 dB per 10 dB step at the side of absolute energy calibration with an influence sensor supplies extremely correct sign stage measurements. A built-in analog modulation evaluation functionality that encompasses AM, FM, and PM modulation measurements is included by the R&S FSMR3000AF. AM modulation depths from 0 % to 100 % and FM frequency deviations as huge as 16 MHz may be measured. For the modulation evaluation an inner sign evaluation bandwidth of as much as 80 MHz is offered by the instrument with a 16-bit A/D converter with 200 Msamples/s, which can be utilized for modulation measurements on digital indicators as effectively, if the vector sign evaluation possibility is put in.


Rohde & Schwarz FSMR3000AF Measuring Receiver

AFMETCAL is accountable for the calibration of apparatus used worldwide. They write all procedures for calibrating tools at over 60 PMEL’s. AFMETCAL required almost all of the parameters of a sign generator to be calibrated with the R&S FSMR3000AF microwave measurement receiver together with analog modulation for AM, FM and PM. Additionally, on the acquisition had been alignment methods and/or tools or equipment required for periodic recertification and adjustment of the MMR. This procurement seeks to interchange and enhance upon the microwave measuring receiver which was applied in 2005 and the primary one to reside on a spectrum analyzer platform.

The R&S FSMR3000AF supplies for prime efficiency spectrum evaluation measurements. For base frequencies above 8 GHz, a preselection filter possibility is utilized to deal with picture frequency suppression and undesirable mixing merchandise. Accordingly, it gives full evaluation functionality of harmonics, spurious emissions or section noise as much as 50 GHz. Marker features and measurement features for all attention-grabbing spectrum measurements are offered, e.g. to measure noise energy, ACLR, harmonic distortion, occupied bandwidth, spectrum emission masks. The decision bandwidth may be set between 1 Hz and 10 MHz and channel filters are offered as well as. The Air Pressure Metrology and Calibration (AFMETCAL) Program will use the R&S FSMR3000AF from Rohde & Schwarz to make sure Air Pressure (AF) methods and tools are correct, uniform, dependable, and traceable to nationwide metrology institute or different sources as permitted by AFMETCAL (Metrology).