The Republic of Korea (ROK) Navy decommissioned 8 naval vessels from lively service on 28 December. The South Korea retired three Pohang-class corvettes and 5 Chamsuri-class patrol boats. The three corvettes will probably be donated to Southeast Asian and Latin American international locations. In 2021, two corvettes had been donated to Colombia and Peru. The decommissioning ceremony came about at Jinhae Naval Base in Changwon. As of at present, solely seven Pohang-class corvettes stay in service. They’re being rapidly changed by new Daegu-class frigates.

Chamsuri-class patrol vessels are naval boats that operate as patrol boats. These entered service with the Republic of Korea Navy within the Nineteen Seventies, and have since seen service with three different navies, of which the Philippine Navy is at present the most important import consumer. These boats had been constructed by the Hanjin Industrial SB, Chinhae, and Korea SB & Eng. Masan shipyards. The Chamsuri-class boats are being retired and changed by Gumdoksuri-class patrol vessel within the Republic of Korea Navy.


Republic of Korea Navy Chamsuri-class patrol boat

The Pohang-class PCC (Patrol Fight Corvette) is the low-end complement of the Republic of Korea Navy underneath the first Yulgok Venture (1974-1986) for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. Since 1984, a complete of 24 Pohang-class corvettes commissioned within the Republic of Korea Navy. The decommission of the category began in 2009, and is being changed with collection of FFX program. The ship is designed for patrolling maritime border, together with the Northern Restrict Line, defending the littoral zone, and combating the North Korean vessels.

As of 2022, 7 stay in service within the ROKN, and seven had been transferred to different navies. The three decommissioned corvettes are ROKS Wonju (PCC-769), ROKS Seongnam (PCC-775), and ROKS Jecheon (PCC-776), all of that are Flight-IV vessels. The 5 different retired vessels had been quick patrol boats with hull numbers 313, 315, 317, 318 and 319, which have been in service with the navy for the reason that Nineteen Eighties. In September 2012, the Colombian Navy requested switch of decommissioned corvette. In November 2021, representatives of the Philippine Navy visited the Jinhae naval base to look at the decommissioned Pohang-class corvette ROKS Andong (PCC-771).

Republic of Korea Navy Pohang-class Corvettes
Republic of Korea Navy Pohang-class Corvettes