The K136 Kooryong is a South Korean rocket artillery system that was deployed in 1986. The primary prolonged rocket developed by South Korea, the 36 prolonged 130mm multi-strength kooryong rocket system, is a multi-strength rocket developed independently by the Protection Science Analysis Institute to reply to North Korea’s large-capacity radiation weapons. Referred to as Kooryong, the weapons system was designed, examined, and manufactured in Korea for area artillery and artillery. Daewoo Heavy Industries is accountable for manufacturing and the rocket was developed by Hanwha.

Ok-136 Kooryong multiple-launch rocket system

The a number of rocket launcher has 36 tubes and fires 130mm K30 and 131mm K33 rockets. The usual rocket is 2.4 m lengthy and weights 54 kg. The K33 is 2.53 m lengthy and weights 64 kg. The K30 has a most vary of 23 km. Improved K33 has a variety of 36 km. There are two sorts of warheads – typical HE and pre-fragmented HE, containing 16 000 metal balls. Payload is typical Excessive explosive and pre-fragmented HE, containing 16 000 metal balls at a variety of twenty-two or 30 km. Reloading normally takes place away from the launch place to keep away from counter battery fireplace.


 K-136 Kooryong multiple-launch rocket system
Ok-136 Kooryong multiple-launch rocket system

The launcher is carried on a KM809A1 6×6 truck. It’s powered by a diesel engine, growing 236 horsepower. Car has a full-time all wheel drive and is fitted with a central tyre stress system. Firings are undertaken from the driving force’s seat or remotely from the car. Reload rockets are carried by escorting KM813A1 6×6 resupply truck, which carries 72 rockets. A fireplace management heart is predicated on a 4×4 chassis. It’s used for enhanced fireplace accuracy.

K-136 "Kooryong" multiple-launch rocket system (photo : RoKArmy)
Ok-136 Kooryong multiple-launch rocket system

The Philippine Military has negotiated with the South Korean authorities for the switch of its MLRS launchers for the newly activated MLRS Battalions of the Military Artillery Regiment. They’re set to obtain 3 batteries of K136 Kooryong MLRS from South Korea in 2020. Attributable to delays, they’ll be transferred by late 2021 as an alternative. All K136s in Philippine army service are anticipated to be operational by June 2022. 4 batteries are to be established with one assigned to the Philippine Marine Corps.