The RAFAEL SAMSON RWS (Distant Management Weapon) ALL-IN-ONE integrates the world’s main methods in a single optimum answer that maximizes the crew and car safety, hearth energy and mobility: The SAMSON 30mm Unmanned Turret, the TROPHY™ APS, SPIKE™ LR1/2 ATGM missiles and superior hearth management system with a unified person interface that serves the Turret, APS and SPIKE, together with battle administration and BIT. The SAMSON is supplied with hostile hearth detection capabilities and the power to quickly and successfully return hearth through a quick, correct slew-to-cue mechanism.

RAFAEL SAMSON RWS (Distant Management Weapon) ALL-IN-ONE

The RAFAEL SAMSON RWS additionally features a unified person interface for all subsystems, an inherent hatch for shut situational consciousness, and under-armour ammunition loading that will increase lethality. These capabilities allow the SAMSON to show a light-weight car right into a deadly powerhouse on a par with a primary battle tank. A key ingredient of SAMSON’s lethality suite is its integration of the SPIKE LR 1 & 2 multi-purpose guided missiles, and its full collaboration TROPHY Energetic Safety System (APS). The SAMSON is a sibling of Rafael’s Medium-Calibre Weapon System (MCWS), which was a key ingredient of Oshkosh Protection’s successful proposal to up-gun the US Military’s Stryker for immediately’s threats.


RAFAEL SAMSON RWS (Remote Control Weapon) ALL-IN-ONE
RAFAEL SAMSON RWS (Distant Management Weapon) ALL-IN-ONE

The SPIKE LR II is a complicated state-of-the-art deadly fifth era multipurpose, multi-platform missile, designed for contemporary warfare with nearly full commonality to the SPIKE Missile legacy. For elevated lethality, SPIKE LR II consists of two distinctive state-of-the-art superior and extremely succesful Warhead configurations: a Tandem HEAT warhead configuration, enhancing the armor penetration functionality of the SPIKE missile by greater than 30%, and a brand new multipurpose blast warhead, which incorporates managed fusing (by the gunner) for management of the specified impact. The SPIKE LR II missile has a most firing of 5.5 km from a floor station and 10 km from a helicopter.