Built-in worldwide on hundreds of fielded floor platforms, RAFAEL’s SAMSON household of superior RWS delivers excessive efficiency with unmatched survivability. Setting the brand new RWS customary, the RWS household contains:
-SAMSON 30-mm, high-survivability, low silhouette, with under-armor reloading 30-mm automated cannon, coaxial machine gun 7.62mm, and launcher for two SPIKE™ ATGMs;
– SAMSON DUAL concurrently mounts two primary and secondary armaments;
– SAMSON Mini/SAMSON Mini MLS is designed to be used in gentle automobiles that require improved offensive capabilities;
-SAMSON non-lethal for the efficient crowd and riot management


The SAMSON 30 (MK II) RWS provides important enhancements, together with decrease silhouette, non-obligatory armor safety, and improved hit accuracy, boosted crew survivability with under-armor reloading, elevated rigidity, and better gun elevation capabilities – all of which allow improved fight continuity. The SAMSON 30 allows forces to successfully shut the fireplace loop with various levels of firepower, from 7.62mm on the coaxial machine gun, via as much as 40mm primary gun (western and jap variations) and as much as Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) engagement ranges. This offers forces mission flexibility in each city and open nation situations, with most survivability for the car.


RAFAEL Samson Dual RWS
RAFAEL Samson Twin RWS

The Samson Twin RWS offers each: the simultaneous use of a variety of primary and secondary armaments, alongside enhanced survivability for each crew and platform. With crew survivability a prime precedence RAFAEL’s unprecedented under-armor reloading system boosts lethality whereas maximizing crew safety. The Samson Twin RWS is a strong system that can be mounted on a spread of automobiles, corresponding to 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 wheeled floor platforms and tracked armored automobiles. Incorporates an Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) launcher as a drive multiplier (non-obligatory). Twin-axis stabilization Weapon decoupling for peacekeeping missions.

RAFAEL Samson Mini
RAFAEL Samson Mini

The SAMSON Mini RWS is designed for use on gentle wheeled or tracked fight automobiles, quick assault platforms requiring improved offensive capabilities. This single dual-axis, gyro-stabilized weapon RWS accommodates quite a lot of armaments together with a 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 12.7mm, 14.5mm, 40 mm AGL and ATGM Launcher. Supported by a ballistics-protected multi-sensor Sight Pod, with a mechanism for tremendous elevation ballistic angle calculations, the SAMSON Mini offers a ’around the clock response to battlefield challenges. Absolutely certified and examined, serially-produced, operationally deployed in lively service globally.