The information company Anna News reported that the most recent Ptitselov air protection missile system will go into service with the Russian Airborne Forces 98th and 106th Guards Airborne Divisions. Ptitselov consists of the chassis of a mechanized infantry fight car armed with 12 Sosna-R air protection missiles. They are often parachuted from transport plane and have a max vary of 10km and might counter UAVs. The VDV’s model of the Ptitselov is predicated on a BMD-4M infantry preventing car chassis, whereas the Floor Forces variant can be based mostly on a BMP-3 Infantry preventing car chassis.

The “Ptiselov” air protection system consists of Sosna-R air protection missiles mounted on the chassis of a BMP-3.

The BMD-4 (Boyevaya Mashina Desanta-4, Airborne Fight Automobile 4) is an amphibious infantry preventing car (IFV) originating from post-Chilly Struggle Russia. Initially designated because the BMD-3M, the chassis of the BMD-4 is similar as that of the BMD-3 as a result of it was developed on the identical foundation. This armored preventing car is among the lightest in its class, possessing a considerable quantity of firepower. The car was designed to move Russian Airborne Troops; rising its mobility, armament, and safety on the battlefield. Many elements of the car, such because the ergonomics and positioning of the passengers, stay comparatively unchanged.


Sosna combat module consisting of 12 laser-guided Sosna-R missiles and an optronic station.
Sosna fight module consisting of 12 laser-guided Sosna-R missiles and an optronic station.

The 9M337 Sosna-R (Pine) (SA-X-25) is a Russian radar and laser-guided supersonic (Mach 2.6) two-stage missile. It’s used within the Sosna-R short-range air protection missile system designed to guard navy items from air assaults in all kinds of fight conditions, together with throughout march. The system is armed with 12 9M340 missiles which might be held of their transport-launch containers and organized in two banks of six. Sosna-R hyper-velocity beam rider 38 kg missiles are two-stage, able to destroying plane, helicopters, missiles, cruise missiles, aerial bombs, small-sized air assault weapons together with parts of high-precision weapons and lightweight armored automobiles.

KBtochmash Unveils Its Sosna SAM System on BTR-82A 8x8 Armoured Personnel Carrier
KBtochmash Sosna SAM System on BTR-82A 8×8 Armoured Personnel Service

The Russian Airborne Forces or VDV (Vozdushno-desantnye voyska Rossii) is a separate troops department of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. First fashioned earlier than World Struggle II, the pressure undertook two important airborne operations and numerous smaller jumps throughout the conflict and for a few years after 1945 was the most important airborne pressure on the earth. The Russian Airborne Forces are well-known for his or her mobility, using a considerable amount of particularly designed automobiles constructed for airborne transport, as such, they’re totally mechanized and historically have a bigger complement of heavy weaponry than most up to date airborne forces.