The Philippine Military has formally re-inducted its upgraded ACV-300 tracked armored personnel carriers which obtained new Saber-40 and Saber-12.7 1-man turrets from Turkish protection firm FNSS, as a part of the Philippine Military’s M113 Firepower Improve Challenge, a Horizon 2 part venture underneath RAFPMP. MaxDefense reported that the modernization of the ACV-300 was the product of the Philippine Military’s M113 APC Firepower Improve, a venture underneath the Horizon 2 part of the RAFPMP. The venture was inaptly named “M113” as a result of the venture was initially made to improve the Philippine Military’s M113A2 APCs with out RCWS. The unique plan was to enhance the firepower capabilities of at the least 32 items of its tracked armored personnel carriers, chosen from people who weren’t upgraded by different initiatives.

In 2010, the Philippine Military obtained six ACV-300 upgraded armored personnel carriers from the federal government of Turkey as a part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) modernization program. However classes discovered from the Battle of Marawi in 2017 made the Philippine Military rethink on its plan. It was discovered that 7.62mm machine gun rounds are ineffective towards concrete partitions, and even 12.7mm heavy machine gun rounds have the identical results. Thus, a revised plan was made to as an alternative use bigger caliber weapons, just like the 25mm autocannon, which shall be extra highly effective towards concrete constructions than the 12.7mm heavy machine gun, whereas additionally able to destroying typical mild armored automobiles.


The Philippine Military has re-inducted its upgraded ACV-300 tracked armored personnel carriers which obtained new Saber turrets from FNSS. (Picture by Philippine Military)

The SABER Turret was developed by the Turkish protection firm FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.S. The SABER is a medium calibre one-man, energy operated turret that may be fitted on wheeled and tracked armoured automobiles.The SABER turret is provided with the newest applied sciences in turret drives, fireplace management, safety and lethality. Its compact dimensions and light-weight weight make the SABER an appropriate alternative for several types of armoured automobiles. The SABER is obtainable in several configurations, with a predominant weapon plus a co-axial 7.62mm basic objective machine gun. The SABER-25, SABER-40, and SABER-12.7 makes use of a 25mm autocannon, a 40mm automated grenade launcher, or a 12.7mm heavy machine gun as its predominant weapon, respectively.

FNSS developed the ACV-300 primarily based on the ACV-15 to fulfill the Turkish Land Forces Command’s (TLFC’s) operational requirement. Whereas the ACV-300 (ACV-15) seem like just like the M113 sequence of tracked armored automobiles, it’s in actual fact nearer to the FMC Armored Infantry Preventing Car (AIFV), extra generally referred to as the YPR-765 after the Dutch examples, which has some minimal enhancements over the M113 household, like extra armor, sloped rear part, and enclosed turret/predominant weapon. ACV-300 is fitted with a 300 hp powerpack just like the M113A3, however with excessive energy. The Malaysian variant of the ACV-300 is named the ACV-300 Adnan and is a results of a collaboration between Turkish protection firm FNSS and Malaysian protection firm DefTech.