OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en matière d’ARmement) FSAF-PAAMS PD managed with its stakeholders the {hardware} validation of the redesigned radar cupboard of SAAM-FR system that guarantee air protection to French Navy Charles de Gaulle plane service. This In-Service Assist exercise advantages of the synergies pursued by OCCAR/FSAF-PAAMS between the Arabel radar of SAAM-FR and the Arabel radars of FR-IT SAMP/T floor primarily based air protection system. The profitable Important Design Overview has been held in Thales premises, on time accordingly to the contractual planning that foresees subsequent incremental steps with assessments on-board, profiting from subsequent summer season ship technical cease and a closing qualification finish 2023. Greater than 20 years after SAAM commissioning, the boldness that France has in OCCAR/FSAF-PAAMS functionality to handle the air protection of its key belongings vessels demonstrates additionally the related By Life Sustainment Administration promoted by OCCAR.

The French Navy variant of the SAAM system, the SAAM-FR, has been put in on board the French Plane Provider “Charles de Gaulle” to make sure its self-defence. SAAM-FR relies on the Aster 15N (N for Navalised). The Arabel Radar is on the high of devoted mast and a Sylver launcher has been put in in a spot specifically ready for it. The Fireplace Management System relies on the Arabel X Band Multifunctional Radar and is in communication with the Fight Administration System of the Provider (Senit VIII System). The set up of the primary of sophistication SAAM-FR system on board of the Charles de Gaulle was carried out in 1999. The Thales Arabel radar is a 3D phased array radar for surveillance, monitoring and missile steering. The system can monitor as much as 100 targets concurrently and handle the uplink transmission of command replace information to 16 missiles concurrently. The naval variant has been first put in on board the French Navy Ship “Ile d’Oléron”. A second radar was additionally put in on board French Plane Provider “Charles de Gaulle”.


Image of the individuals gathering OCCAR, French DGA, GQA consultant & trade. (Picture by OCCAR)

Charles de Gaulle is the flagship of the French Navy (Marine Nationale). The ship is the tenth French plane service, the primary French nuclear-powered floor vessel. She is known as after French statesman and normal Charles de Gaulle. She is a CATOBAR-type service that makes use of two 75 m C13?3 steam catapults of a shorter model of the catapult system put in on the U.S. Nimitz-class plane carriers, one catapult on the bow and one throughout the entrance of the touchdown space. The ship carries a complement of Dassault Rafale M and E-2C Hawkeye plane, AS365F Dauphin Pedro, EC725 Caracal and AS532 Cougar helicopters for fight search and rescue, in addition to trendy electronics and Aster missiles. Aster is a two-stage missile composed of the physique of the missile itself and a booster. The distinction between Aster 15 and 30 is simply a distinction of the booster. For the Aster 30, the booster supplies an extended impulse giving the missile the likelihood to succeed in targets at longer ranges. Aster 30 is used for native space defence interceptions when Aster 15 is used for self defence interceptions.

The Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation is a European intergovernmental organisation that facilitates and manages collaborative armament programmes by means of their lifecycle between the governments of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Different states can take part to OCCAR programmes with out turning into a member state. Presently the European Union member states and/or NATO members Turkey, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland take part in a number of OCCAR programmes with out being formal members. The 16 programmes presently managed by OCCAR are the next: A400M, Boxer, COBRA (radar), European Safe Software program-defined Radio (ESSOR), FREMM (Multimission frigates), FSAF – PAAMS munition (surface-to-air anti-missile system), Logistic Assist Ship, European MALE RPAS, MMCM (Maritime Mine Counter Measures), MMF (Multinational Multi-Function Tanker Transport Fleet), MUSIS (MUltinational Area primarily based Imaging System), NVC (Evening Imaginative and prescient Functionality), PPA (Multipurpose Patrol Ship), Tiger assault helicopter, MAST-F (Missile Air-Sol Tactique Future) and U212 NFS (Close to Future Submarine).

An Aster 15 firing from the French Navy aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle
An Aster 15 firing from the French Navy plane service Charles de Gaulle. (Picture by MBDA/Michel Hans)