Nexter, a reference naval turret and ammunition producer, displays its new naval turrets at EURONAVAL 2022 in Le Bourget:
Nexter and Thales unveil the ultimate design of the RAPIDFire turret;
Nexter presents its new NARWHAL turret outfitted with MBDA’s AKERON pod;
Nexter Arrowtech, European chief in naval ammunition, displays its big selection of progressive merchandise.

RAPIDFire is a state-of-the-art system to revive the French naval and anti-aircraft artillery business. Nexter’s flagship product at EURONAVAL is the RAPIDFire turret, whose new design is offered on 1:1 scale. This focus of improvements will grow to be a reference within the area of medium-calibre naval turrets. Tailored to low-layer ground-to-air defence, and specifically to anti-drone warfare, the RAPIDFire protects ships, land items or bases towards a variety of threats: jet skis, boats, loitering ammunition, UAVs, gentle plane or missiles as much as 4,000 metres away.


Nexter Naval Ammunitions at EURONAVAL 2022

Nexter additionally presents the NARWHAL 20mm distant managed turret bolstered by the MBDA AKERON missile launch pod. The mixing of this progressive resolution demonstrates the modularity of Nexter programs. As well as, due to its expertise in land and naval turrets, Nexter now gives naval variations of its remotely operated land turrets, together with the ARX 25 distant controled weapon station, which is provided with the VBCI Infantry combating automobile’s 25mm gun.

European chief in naval ammunition: Provider to 60 armies worldwide with a list of greater than 250 references, Nexter Arrowtech is presenting its 20 to 127mm ammunition vary for naval turrets at EURONAVAL. As Europe’s main naval munitions producer, Nexter Arrowtech is demonstrating its skill to develop recreation altering ammunition for high-intensity conflicts. As an example, a fuse for 40mm L70 ammunition with real-time inductive programming will likely be displayed on the stand. This new know-how significantly will increase the operational capabilities of present weapons, significantly within the anti-aircraft and anti-drone fields.

NARWHAL turret equipped with AKERON Guided Missiles.
NARWHAL turret outfitted with AKERON Guided Missiles.