The Greek protection firm Hellenic Defence Methods (HDS) and French government-owned weapons firm Nexter has signed a strategic partnership to fulfill a Hellenic Military requirement for a modernized Infantry Combating Car (IFV). The 2 firms are proposing an answer referred to as Philoctetes, which was first unveiled in July 2021 on the DEFEA exhibition in Athens. Philoctetes is a VBCI-2 8×8 car with a two-person Nexter T40 turret that includes a 40mm CTAS cannon and MBDA MMP medium-range missile launcher. The 32t VBCI-2 consists of a number of variants (APC, command put up, 120mm mortar, medevac and car restoration), and Nexter said that it’s making use of suggestions from the French Military within the design of the Philoctetes Infantry Combating Car.

Nexter Launches VBCI Philoctetes 8X8 Infantry Fight System at DEFEA 2021

The VBCI (Vehicule Blinde de Fight d’Infanterie, “Armoured Infantry Combating Car”) is a French Infantry preventing car designed to exchange the AMX-10P. They entered energetic service with the French Military in 2008, with 630 autos ordered as much as 2010. The 8×8 wheel mixture is designed to make the VBCI extra snug and more cost effective than a tracked car, whereas giving it enough mobility to again the Leclerc tank. The VBCI 2 is an improved model, supposed for export gross sales, with new engine (600 hp Volvo D13 turbocharged diesel engine), new air conditioner, and new imaginative and prescient cameras. It’s heavier (32 t) and the prototype is supplied with a T40 two-man turret (40mm gun).


CTAS40 Case Telescoped Armament System (CTAS) Cannon
CTAS40 Case Telescoped Armament System (CTAS) Cannon

CTA Worldwide is an equal-shares three way partnership firm between defence firms Nexter and BAE Methods. The CTAS40 Case Telescoped Armament System (CTAS) cannon is designed to fireplace 40mm telescoped ammunition. This format supplies vital profit inside autos within the area envelope required for the gun and the ammunition storage. Nonetheless, the choice of the unfielded new design for main programmes has been controversial. The CT40 40mm cannon has been ordered by the French Military to be used on its future armoured reconnaissance car EBRC Jaguar. It has additionally been mandated for the UK Ajax (previously FRES SV) and Warrior Functionality Sustainment Programme (WCSP) programmes.

MBDA Conducts First Firing of MMP Anti-tank Guided Missile from Vehicle-Mounted IMPACT Turret

Missile Moyenne Portée (Medium-Vary Missile) or MMP is a French man-portable network-enabled anti-tank guided missile. That includes each fire-and-forget and Man In The Loop working modes, it additionally integrates third occasion goal designation for oblique firing situations via its Lock-on after launch functionality for non-line-of-sight (NLOS). The missile and its steering system supply three totally different working modes: Hearth-and-Neglect, Man In The Loop with fibre optic data-link and Lock-on after launch (LOAL) for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) and utilizing third occasion goal designation. A tandem warhead is used, making it efficient in opposition to typical, composite and reactive armour. Upon detonation, the warhead additionally sprays 1,500 tungsten splinters, efficient in opposition to personnel out to fifteen meters.