Components of the Very Excessive Readiness Joint Process Power (VJTF) have been deployed to Sardinia for train Noble Leap 23. The train will spotlight NATO’s capabilities by means of an Operational and Tactical, Stay and Command put up train which can conclude with a Joint Allied Powers Demonstration Day, showcasing the readiness of NATO’s war-fighting capabilities. This long-planned train, below command of Joint Power Command Naples, will meet the necessities set by Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe to train the VJTF because the lead parts of the NATO Response Power (NRF).

The NATO Response Power (NRF) is a high-readiness NATO speedy deployment pressure comprising land, sea, air, and particular forces items able to being deployed shortly inside quick discover. Very Excessive Readiness Joint Process Power (VJTF) is aa high-readiness “spearhead pressure” of the NATO Response Power that may deploy wherever wanted at quick discover. The NRF at present includes as much as 40,000 troops, with plans to extend its manpower to over 300,000 troops. Its forces embody items from a number of non-NATO member companions, together with Finland (since 2008; joined NATO in 2023), Sweden (since 2013), Ukraine (since 2014), and Georgia (since 2015).


In 2023, VJTF land forces will quantity roughly 11,500 troops, with the German tenth Panzerdivision’s (Armoured Division’s) Panzergrenadierbrigade (Armoured Infantry Brigade) 37 at its core. Eight NATO allies contribute to VJTF 2023: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, and Slovenia. The Royal Netherlands Military’s 13 Gentle Brigade is contributing its seventeenth Mechanised Battalion to VJTF 2023. The Norwegian Military is contributing its Telemark Battalion, a medical firm, an artillery battery, an engineer firm, a fight coaching firm, a army police troop, a reconnaissance unit, and a Function 2 hospital.