Japanese shipbuilder Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) in Nagasaki launch the six Mogami-class vessel JS Agano (FFM-6). Also called FFM, it’s a subsequent era frigate for the Japan Maritime Self-Protection Pressure (JMSDF). The vessel is called after the Agano River which a river within the Hokuriku area of Honshu, Japan. All ships of the Mogami-class are named after well-known rivers in Japan. JS Agano is being constructed for about 47 billion yen ($346 million) below a contract awarded in February 2021, The shipyard will now proceed to the becoming out stage of the frigate, forward of its supply and commissioning set for the top of 2023.

The Mogami-class frigates are 133m-long, 16.3m extensive and 9m deep and have a typical displacement of three,900t. In addition to, the multi-role vessels Powered by a mixed diesel and gasoline (CODAG) propulsion system that includes two MAN 12V28/33D STC diesel engines and one Rolls-Royce MT30 gasoline turbine, the ships are anticipated to be able to attaining a high pace of not less than 30 kt. The Mogami class marks the primary installment of a CODAG system on any JMSDF ship. They will accommodate a crew of as much as 90 (out of whom 10 are feminine) personnel. The ship would require fewer crew members in contrast with different frigate courses.


Mogami-class Frigate JS Agano (FFM-6)

The Japan Maritime Self-Protection Pressure plans to construct 10 ships of the Mogami class below its Mid-Time period Protection Program (MTDP) for fiscal years 2019-23, which was accepted in December 2018. The general intent of the Mogami-class design is to realize a contemporary frigate-sized vessel with capabilities just like the Akizuki-class destroyer however with a diminished crew and having solely half the VLS cells. The primary 4 vessels of this class are JS Mogami (FFM-1), Kumano (FFM-2), JS Noshiro (FFM-3) and JS Mikuma (FFM-4). A deliberate fleet of twenty-two Mogami-class multirole frigates for the Japan Maritime Self-Protection Pressure (JMSDF) is a part of that effort.

Armaments on the frigates embody a BAE Techniques 5-inch (127 mm)/62-caliber or Mk 45 naval gun within the foredeck of the ship, two missile canisters for a complete of eight MHI Sort 17 anti-ship missiles, often known as the SSM-2, and a Raytheon 11-cell SeaRAM close-in weapon system (CIWS) that may deploy RIM-116C Block 2 Rolling Airframe Missiles (RAMs). The FFM-7 and subsequent ships can be geared up with Vertical Launch System. Ships from FFM-1 to FFM-6 are commissioned with out VLS and can be later geared up with VLS. The frigates characteristic six 324 mm torpedo tubes and the NEC OQQ-25 variable depth sonar for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operations