South Korea protection contractor LIG Nex1 awarded as a most popular bidder for a navy undertaking to develop the improved model of a light-weight anti-submarine torpedo system known as Chungsangeo (Blue Shark) that may be deployed from floor ships, helicopters and plane. As a part of the analysis and improvement (R&D) work, LIG Nex1 will likely be bettering the Blue Shark’s skill to detect and strike hostile submarines whereas enhancing the weapon’s survivability. The analysis and improvement work is predicted to be accomplished by 2029, with mass manufacturing to begin after.

The K745 Blue Shark (Chungsangeo ) with an operational vary of 19 kilometers (11.8 miles) is 2.7 meters lengthy and weighs 280 kilograms. Chungsangeo-II can have improved detection and assault capabilities. The Blue Shark is an LIG Nex1-developed 324 mm light-weight anti-submarine torpedo that may be launched from floor ships, helicopters, and maritime patrol plane. Powered by a liquid gasoline motor, the weapon can function in shallow waters at high speeds in extra of 45 kt, and has a most vary of roughly 6.5 n miles. The manufacturing value for every torpedo is at about ? 1,000,000,000.


LIG Nex1 K745 Blue Shark (Cheong Sangeo) light-weight anti-submarine torpedoes

The Chungsangeo-II undertaking overseen by the Protection Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) requires about 150 billion gained ($123 million) by 2029 to develop torpedoes that may assault targets shortly and precisely from a protracted distance. The torpedo has been in service with the Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN) since 2005. The Philippine Navy has additionally chosen the weapon sort for its two Leonardo AW159 Lynx Wildcat anti-submarine warfare (ASW) naval helicopters. The brand new torpedo undertaking would considerably improve the viability of South Korean warships with an efficient response to enemy submarines

South Korea has developed numerous torpedoes. Hongsangeo (Purple Shark) is deployed on floor ships, helicopters and anti-submarine patrol plane. The precision-guided torpedo with an operational vary of 19 km will be launched vertically from ships earlier than being deployed by parachute close to the meant goal and submerging into the ocean to trace and destroy targets. Bumsangeo (Tiger Shark) is a wire-guided heavyweight torpedo being developed to strike enemy floor ships and submarines from a distance. The Tiger Shark torpedo weighs 1.7 tons and has a spread of fifty km.

LIG Nex1 K745 Blue Shark (Cheong Sangeo) lightweight anti-submarine torpedoes
LIG Nex1 K745 Blue Shark (Cheong Sangeo) light-weight anti-submarine torpedoes