Already aboard a number of naval platforms worldwide, Leonardo’s LIONFISH® household of protection programs has now additionally been chosen by the Royal Netherlands Navy. The Navy has chosen the “LIONFISH® High” variant to equip its Holland-class patrol vessels, LPD (Touchdown Platform Dock) and JSS (Joint Assist Ship) items, Johan de Witt and Karel Doorman courses, and Den Helder-class Fight Assist Ship. The LIONFISH® High is one in every of three 12.7mm variants within the new household of remotely-controlled naval turrets. “Ultralight” and “Interior Reloading” fashions are additionally accessible in the identical caliber. The corporate additionally presents a 20mm “LIONFISH® 20” mannequin. The selection of LIONFISH® highlights the strategic relationship between Leonardo and the Royal Netherlands Navy, which additionally lately selected Leonardo’s OTO 127/64 LW Vulcano programs for its 4 De Zeven Provinciën class multi-role items.

The LIONFISH® 12.7 High weighs lower than 300 kg and is especially efficient towards shut threats and in uneven eventualities (ASymmetric Warfare – ASyW). Effectiveness and accuracy, even at lengthy vary, are assured by means of a cooled infrared sensor that integrates Leonardo’s Mini Colibrì optics. The LIONFISH® 12.7 High could be fitted with several types of 12.7 mm weapons. The weapon is fed by a 400 ready-to-fire rounds journal, suitable with all kinds of 12.7 x 99 NATO customary ammunitions reminiscent of AP, API, APT, APIT, M33 ball. The aiming system is absolutely stabilized in elevation and azimuth utilizing highly effective servo-systems in a closed loop with each two impartial gyros and two tachometers for redundancy. All of the elements are absolutely protected by a stealth
defend to reduce the RCS and permit the operation in probably the most extreme environments.


Royal Netherlands Navy HNLMS Karel Doorman

The LIONFISH® 12.7 High is remotely managed by means of its personal Native Management Console and it could actually autonomously decide the stabilized firing coordinates by performing ballistic and goal trajectory calculations. The Electro-Optical Director is constituted of a extremely correct sensors suite (with an automated monitoring performance) constituted of a daylight digital camera, an IR digital camera, and a LASER Vary Finder. The LIONFISH® 12.7 High is supplied with handles within the exterior rear a part of the cradle for guide conduction and firing of the gun in case of emergency. That is frequent throughout the entire turret household, which might additionally combine an uncooled sensor. Relying on the know-how used, the detection vary could be as much as 12 km.

The LIONFISH® household stands out for its modularity, light-weight, and customary structure, which permit the turrets to be put in and operated onboard secondary platforms, each as a main and secondary protection system, with no deck penetration. LIONFISH Turrets are conceived for these Prospects searching for a flexible gun system, usable in a broad set of functions like border management, maritime site visitors interdiction, regulation enforcement, self-protection, as much as Anti-Submarine Warfare. All programs within the household can self-calculate firing options and interact fast-moving threats, even when put in on high-speed platforms. Drawing on its expertise growing superior applied sciences such because the OTO 76/62 Tremendous Rapido and the OTO 127/64 LW Vulcano, Leonardo has developed its new protection programs to satisfy market necessities, which might be more and more wanting in the direction of compact and stealth applied sciences, together with to equip uncrewed platforms.