Indonesian Marines assigned to 1st Marine Rocket Battalion conduct familiarization coaching on the RM-70 Vampire Self-propelled a number of rocket launcher system (MRLS) at Cibenda Sukabumi, West Java. As of at this time, there are three Marine Rocket Battalions of the Indonesian Marine Corps. The Indonesian Marine Corps took supply of 9 RM-70 Vampir 122mm MLRS, an upgraded model of the Czech RM-70. The system was upgraded by the Czech Firm Excalibur Military. Indonesia plans to buy a complete of 36 RM-70 Vampir 122mm MLRS. In 2003, Indonesia has acquired 9 second-hand RM-70 122mm MLRS from Czech Republic. The unique RM 70 was put in on Tatra T-813 chassis. The brand new Vampir, nevertheless, makes use of a very new platform Tatra T-815-7.

The RM-70 Vampir is a modernized model of the usual RM-70 122 MLRS (A number of Launch Rocket System) designed and manufactured within the Czech Republic by the Excalibur Military. The RM-70 (Raketomet vzor 1970) a number of rocket launcher is a Czechoslovak Military model and heavier variant of the Soviet/Russian BM-21 Grad (Cherrystone) a number of rocket launcher, offering enhanced efficiency over its mother or father area-saturation rocket artillery system that was launched in 1971 (the NATO designation is M1972). The fundamental configuration of the rocket launcher itself on the car´s chassis corresponds with the unique RM-70, however the majority of the wiring has been extensively rebuilt or fully modernized.


Indonesian Marine Corps RM-70 Vampire 122mm MRLS Conduct Reside-fire Train (Picture by TNI AL Pasmar1)

RM-70 Vampire is an upgraded model built-in on a Tatra T-815-7 truck chassis powered by a Tatra T3C V8 engine with 270 kW of output, coupled with a Tatra 10 TS 210 N gearbox, with semi-automatic Tatra Norgen drive system and a further gearbox Tatra 2.30TRS. It has a variety of round 1,000 km (620 mi) and a high velocity of 90 km/h (56 mph) with an armored and NBC-protected crew cabin. The brand new chassis is fitted with an armored cabin with organic and chemical weapons safety functionality, which additionally allows the set up of extra ballistic safety. The crew cabin supplies safety in opposition to the firing of small arms of seven.62mm caliber and mine blast of 6 kg TNT explosion.

The 122-mm rockets are primarily the identical as these fired from the BM-21 Grad system. Warhead can differ from excessive explosive fragmentation to enhanced warheads with pre-formed fragments. Cargo warheads can even scatter small anti-tank mines. The rocket launching is carried out by an operator within the car´s cabin or from a close-by shelter with a distant management machine. The rocket projectiles are highly-explosive, rotary with collapsible stabilizers. The utmost firing vary is 20,381 m, the aerial efficient vary of 1 projectile can attain as much as 3,000 sq. meters and with the a number of rockets launching the realm is as much as 3 hectares. The RM-70 Vampir will be prepared to fireside in lower than 2.5 minutes and go away its fight place in 3 minutes. It might fireplace 40 rockets in lower than 30 seconds.

Indonesian Marine Corps RM-70 Vampire 122mm MRLS Conduct Live-fire Exercise
Indonesian Marine Corps RM-70 Vampire 122mm MRLS Conduct Reside-fire Train (Picture by TNI AL Pasmar1)