The Indonesian Military is ready to obtain its first serial manufacturing Kaplan MT ‘Harimau’ fashionable medium weight tank as early as the top of 2022. World open-source intelligence firm Janes reported that 10 out of the 18 tanks have been shipped from Turkey to Indonesia in March 2022 as a part of the contract’s first batch supply. These models have been shipped over in a semi-finished state, and PT Pindad is working to finish these models at its amenities in Bandung, Alt?n???okay stated. These embrace putting in every tank with a Cockerill Defence C3105 turret that comes with Cockerill 105 high-pressure (HP) gun and a 7.62 mm co-axial machine gun. The primary of those models is scheduled to be delivered to the Indonesian Military by both the top of 2022 or early 2023.

FNSS-PINDAD Harimau (Kaplan MT) Trendy Medium Weight Tank

The Harimau (Kaplan MT) is a medium weight tank collectively developed by Turkish producer FNSS and Indonesian producer PT Pindad. The event program title for the tank is Trendy Medium Weight Tank (MMWT). The tank itself known as Kaplan MT by Turkey and Harimau by Indonesia, each that means “tiger”. The brand new era KAPLAN MT is the only and unique fashionable Medium Weight Tank designed with rear powerpack and never a conversion of a variant from an present infantry combating car. Its distinctive design offers the bottom silhouette and highest power-to-weight ratio in its class and its platform is designed for optimum weight and excessive mobility efficiency. Because the KAPLAN MT mission stands out in that it’s Turkey’s first export mission within the Tank Class.


 FNSS-PINDAD Harimau (Kaplan MT) Modern Medium Weight Tankt
FNSS-PINDAD Harimau (Kaplan MT) Trendy Medium Weight Tank

The Harimau is supplied with a Cockerill Defence C3105HP (Excessive Stress) 105 mm rifled gun manufactured by John Cockerill, with the barrel mounting a bore evacuator and thermal jacket. The turret is supplied with an autoloader and may be rotated 360 levels each electronically and mechanically, with a most elevation/despair of 42 as much as -10 levels, and it’s outfitted with Gyro Stabilizer and Firing Management System. It’s additionally outfitted with an IFF system, Hunter Killer System for goal choice, and Auto Goal Locking System to help the Gunner. The tank makes use of a Caterpillar C13 diesel engine producing 711 hp, coupled with Allison/Caterpillar X300 transmission. Through the take a look at the tank is ready to attain 78 km/h in highway pace. The tank is ready to cross 2 m trench and 0.9 m vertical impediment.

FNSS-PINDAD Harimau (Kaplan MT) Modern Medium Weight Tank
FNSS-PINDAD Harimau (Kaplan MT) Trendy Medium Weight Tank

The hull armor of Harimau is utilizing modular armor. It’s categorized as STANAG 4569 degree 4 safety, which suggests the tank can stand up to 14.5×114mm AP rounds at 200 meters with 911 m/s velocity. The underbelly of the tank makes use of V-hull, capable of stand up to 10 kg AT mine below the tracks and below the middle. Because of modularity, the armor may be augmented to degree 5 safety (stand up to 25 mm APDS-T at 500 m with 1258 m/s velocity) with out growing the amount of the tank, with the frontal arc capable of stand up to 30 mm rounds. Harimau’s survivability has been additional strengthened. A modular PULAT Energetic Safety System joint-developed by ASELSAN and TÜB?TAK SAGE may be built-in. This ensures the tank’s defensive capabilities in opposition to projectiles at all-angles.