The French Basic Directorate of Armament (Route générale de l’armement, DGA) launched video from the exams of the Leclerc XLR principal battle tank carried out on a variety in Bourges. All take a look at targets had been achieved and all methods, together with the modifications didn’t negatively have an effect on the tank’s principal armament. The Leclerc XLR is a third-generation French principal battle tank (MBT) developed and manufactured by the Nexter division of KMW+Nexter Protection Techniques (KNDS). The fourth-generation improve of 200 Leclercs was introduced in March 2015, with the primary two XLR prototypes deliberate for 2018 and the remaining 198 slated for completion over eight years, beginning in 2020. The contract was valued at roughly €330 million.

The Leclerc XLR is a refit of the third-generation Leclerc tank with the addition of a turret-mounted remotely-operated 7.62mm caliber machine gun manufactured by Belgian firm FN Herstal, extra modular armor on the turret and hull, and rear wire cage armor to guard the engine compartment towards rocket propelled grenades. The 120mm CN 120-26 120mm smoothbore tank gun outfitted with a thermal sleeve, dynamic barrel positioning system and capable of clear fuel with compressed air was tailored to fireplace programmable ammunition, the HE M3M cal. 120mm. The CN120-26, additionally merely known as Modèle F1 (F1 mannequin) is a French smoothbore 120mm tank gun of 52 calibers designed by the EFAB of Bourges and produced by Giat Industries (Now Nexter Techniques).

The Leclerc XLR is upgraded with a brand new armor bundle, with a thickness of 1200mm, that features extra modular armor on the hull and the turret. The Leclerc XLR’s new armor is designed to offer safety towards the most recent kinetic projectiles with a tungsten alloy or depleted uranium core, with a penetrability vary of 700-800mm RHA metal. The entrance a part of the hull aspect is protected by thick passive armor, whereas the rear half is fitted with wire cage armor to guard the engine compartment towards assaults of RPGs (Rocket-Propelled Grenade). The rear a part of the hull can be fitted with wire cage armor. Moreover, the principle battle tank will probably be outfitted with an energetic self-defence system utilizing multispectral GALIX self-defence system.

The Leclerc tank was built-in into the SCORPION joint battle group (JBG) by way of vetronics methods which can be widespread to the assorted platforms. The elements that mark this tank as fourth-generation are largely digital: networked structure permitting an interface between the Thales tactical radio system, the NBC safety system, evening imaginative and prescient gear and the Atos-brand SCORPION Data and Command System (SICS) and related show screens. The upgraded Leclerc comes with a counter-IED jammer, new man-machine interfaces for commander and gunner, redesigned principal system computer systems, and a battle well being monitoring system. The inertial navigation system and GPS navigation system are fused. The Leclerc XLR will probably be totally built-in into the collaborative fight setting.