French President Emmanuel Macron has promised to offer this technique to Ukraine within the coming weeks following the ten October 2022 missile strikes on Ukraine. Saying that the proposed system would “defend the nation (Ukraine) from drone and missile assaults.” President Macron hadn’t acknowledged which system was to be equipped nonetheless Reuters has confirmed. The variety of programs is unknown. France’s use of its arms stockpile to provide Ukraine has additionally drawn consideration to the nation’s personal protection wants. French Protection Minister Sebastien Lecorneau mentioned the CROTALE batteries destined for Ukraine will likely be changed by the extra superior Mamba air protection system. Based on the minister, France has 12 such batteries.

The Crotale (English: “Rattlesnake”) is a French, all-weather, short-range surface-to-air missile system developed to intercept airborne ranged weapons and plane, from cruise or anti-ship missiles to helicopters, UAVs or low-flying high-performance fighter plane. It was developed by Thomson CSF Matra (now Thales Group) and consists of a cellular land-based variant in addition to numerous naval ones. Initially the Crotale R440 system was developed by Rockwell Worldwide and Thomson-Houston (and Mistral) in France for South Africa, the place it was named Cactus. The French military first utilised a 4×4 wheeled car, armed with 4 launchers. The French Navy La Fayette-class frigates have a Crotale 8-tubed launcher close to the helicopter flight deck.


Crotale Floor-to-air Missile System

The Crotale missile system consists of two parts; a car for transport, geared up with 2-8 launchers; a monitoring radar positioned between the launchers. A second car carries the surveillance radar. The radar surveillance car might be linked to a number of launcher autos, as a way to obtain an efficient air-defence system. The missile is propelled by a solid-propellant rocket motor and may speed up to a most velocity of Mach 2.3 in two seconds. The missile is shipped steering instructions by the bottom unit directing conserving it on the road of sight till its infrared proximity fuze senses that it’s close to its goal and explodes. The surveillance radar and fireplace course radar have a variety of 20 km and the TV hyperlink works as much as 15 km. The TV steering system makes use of each common and infrared cameras.

The system can observe 8 targets concurrently, and the steering radar can observe each hovering helicopters in addition to fighters exceeding Mach 2. A typical missile is 3 m lengthy and weights 84.5 kg. It has a strong gas rocket motor. It offers the missile a most velocity of Mach 2.3 (750 m/s) and a variety of 12 km. It may well interact helicopters, plane, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles and anti-radiation missiles. Minimal vary of fireplace is about 500-700 m. It may well attain targets at an altitude of 5.5 km. The missile has a 15 kg Excessive-Explosive Fragmentation (HE-FRAG) warhead with contact and proximity fuses. A single missile has successful likelihood of 80%. If two missiles are launched on the similar goal, hit likelihood is 96%.

Crotale Surface-to-air Missile System
Crotale Floor-to-air Missile System