Along with protecting gear, France offered Ukraine “just a few dozen” of Milan anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) utilized by infantry troops in opposition to tanks and armored autos. Taken from the shares of the French military, the amount appears, in the interim, to have remained modest – “just a few tens”, between the twenty eighth of February and March 3. France will not be the one one to supply Milan missiles to Ukrainian troopers. On February 28, 2022, Italy formally indicated that it had determined to ship a modernized model of the Milan anti-tank guided missiles to Ukrainian armed forces. Paris additionally offered protecting gear, helmets and bulletproots vests.

MILAN (Missile d’Infanterie Léger Antichar,”milan” additionally being the French phrase for kite) is a Franco-German anti-tank guided missile. Design of the MILAN began in 1962; it was prepared for trials in 1971, and was accepted for service in 1972. MILAN is a transportable medium-range, anti-tank weapon manufactured by MBDA (beforehand Euromissile). The system entered service in 1972 and have become a typical anti-tank weapon all through NATO. Over 360,000 missiles and 10,000 launch models have been produced since 1972 and in service with the armed forces of greater than 40 nations.


MILAN 2 Anti-Tank Information Missile System (ATGM)

Consisting of two fundamental elements, the launcher and the missile, the MILAN system makes use of a semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) command steering system. It tracks the missile both by a tail-mounted infrared lamp or an electronic-flash lamp, relying on the mannequin. As a result of it’s guided by wire by an operator, the missile can’t be affected by radio jamming or flares. Nevertheless, drawbacks embody its quick vary, the publicity of the operator, issues with overland powerlines, and a vulnerability to infrared jammers akin to Shtora that may stop the automated monitoring of the missile’s IR tail mild

The later MILAN fashions have tandem HEAT warheads. The MILAN 2 variant, which entered service with the French, German and British armies in 1984, makes use of an improved 115 mm HEAT warhead. The MILAN 3 entered service with the French military in 1995 and includes a new-generation localizer that makes the system tougher to jam electronically. MILAN ER is the most recent model of the missile system with new digitised firing submit and new extended-range missile. The MILAN ER firing submit has an built-in thermal imager with a video output which permits distant operation. With two missiles, the ER weighs lower than 45kg.

MILAN ER (Extended Response) Anti-Tank Guide Missile SystemMILAN ER (Prolonged Response) Anti-Tank Information Missile System (ATGM)