A convoy with ammunition and man-portable air-defense system from Poland has arrived in Ukraine, the Polish minister of protection Mariusz Blaszczak has introduced. In early February, the Polish Minister of Protection has adopted a decision to offer local-made Piorun GROM-M MANPADS man-portable air protection missile programs to Ukraine following the tensions with Russia. Throughout a press convention that was held on February 1, 2022, President of Poland Andrzej Sebastian mentioned, Poland will present Ukraine with “any assist” to provide the nation with humanitarian and navy wants. Russia, on Thursday, launched an assault on cities and navy installations throughout Ukraine, forcing 1000’s of civilians to flee the nation.

Poland Confirms to Provide Ukraine with Piorun GROM-M Man-portable Air-defense System

The Piorun (that means “thunderbolt” in Polish) is a man-portable air-defense system of Polish manufacturing, designed to destroying low-flying plane, airplanes, helicopters and unmanned aerial automobiles. The Piorun system together with the launch unit and the missile has a complete weight of 16.5 kg. The design relies on the Soviet-made 9K38 Igla (SA-18 Grail). The set is a deep modernization of the PPZR Grom set, due to this fact the second designation of the missile is GROM-M. It makes use of a brand new short-range missile together with a brand new warhead that may hit a flying goal at a distance from 400 m to six km and from an altitude of 10 m minimal to 4 km most. It consists of a single-stage projectile, a single-use tubular launcher, a beginning mechanism, and an on-ground energy provide.


In 2016, the Ministry of National Defence signed a contract for the purchase of 420 launchers (launch mechanisms) and 1,300 rockets for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.
In 2016, the Ministry of Nationwide Defence signed a contract for the acquisition of 420 launchers (launch mechanisms) and 1,300 rockets for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland.

On 20 December 2016, representatives of the Administration Board of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. and members of the parliament, an settlement was signed between the corporate MESKO S.A., member of the PGZ Group, and the Armaments Inspectorate of the Ministry of Nationwide Defence. Its object is the manufacturing and provide of “PIORUN” man-portable air defence programs (MANPAD) for the Polish Armed Forces. The worth of the contract is sort of one billion Polish zlotys. Beneath the settlement, the corporate MESKO S.A., member of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, through the years 2017-2022 will produce and provide to the Polish Armed Forces 1300 missiles and 420 gripstocks, collectively forming the “PIORUN” man-portable air defence system (MANPAD).