The Colombian Ministry of Nationwide Defence (Ministerio de Defensa Nacional) has chosen the CAESAR 6×6 self-propelled howitzer (SPH) for its Military. The French-developed CAESAR is gaining increasingly reputation primarily as a result of its participation within the warfare in Ukraine, it’s doing very effectively with exact strikes on positions of the Russian armed forces. The Colombian Military makes use of its artillery in actual hearth missions primarily attacking positions of Colombian drug cartels or ongoing battles between FARC guerrillas and the federal government. Infodefesa reported that Colombia is claimed to have put aside $101.7 million for the acquisition of an undisclosed quantity of howitzers as a part of a procurement course of dubbed nº 21-2022 MDN-EJC.

Royal Moroccan Military CAESAR 6×6 Mark I 155mm Self-propelled Howitzers.

The CAESAR (CAmion Équipé d’un Système d’ARtillerie, truck outfitted with an artillery system) is a French 155 mm, 52-calibre self-propelled howitzer put in on a 6×6 or 8×8 truck chassis that may hearth all 39/52 caliber NATO-standard shells. Outfitted with an autonomous weapon community incorporating an inertial navigation system and ballistic laptop, the CAESAR can notably precisely strike targets greater than 40 kilometres (25 mi) away utilizing ERFB (Prolonged Vary, Full Bore) ammunition with base bleed, or targets over 55 kilometres (34 mi) away utilizing rocket assisted or sensible ammunition. Models manufactured for the French Military use a 6×6 Renault Sherpa 5 chassis, whereas exported variations have been built-in on the 6×6 Unimog U2450L or the 8×8 Tatra 815 chassis for instance.


Indonesian Army CAESAR 6x6 Mark I 155mm Self-propelled Howitzers.
Indonesian Military CAESAR 6×6 Mark I 155mm Self-propelled Howitzers.

The CAESAR platform was developed by French protection contractor GIAT Industries (now referred to as Nexter) and has been exported to numerous international locations together with Belgium, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Ukraine. The CAESAR is a wheeled, 155mm 52-caliber self-propelled howitzer. It holds 18 rounds and is usually operated by a crew of 5, although if essential the CAESAR could be operated by a crew as few as three. It may be transported by a C-130 or A400M heavy cargo plane. It has a firing vary of roughly 42 kilometres (26 mi) utilizing an Prolonged Vary, Full Bore (ERFB) shell, and greater than 50 kilometres (31 mi) utilizing rocket assisted shells. The system is built-in with a totally computerized system, offering computerized management.

Royal Thai Army CAESAR 155 Self-propelled Howitzer (SPH)
Royal Thai Military CAESAR 6×6 Mark I 155mm Self-propelled Howitzers.

On 16 September 2015, Nexter unveiled the CAESAR 8×8 which incorporates a excessive degree of mobility ensured by a modified Tatra 815 8×8 chassis. The 8×8 CAESAR is fitted as commonplace with an unarmoured ahead management four-person cab. Gross car weight would rely on the extent of armour safety, however is about 30 tonnes. It’s powered by a 410 hp diesel engine. In February 2022, Nexter was awarded a contract by the French Course générale de l’armement (DGA) for the event of the CAESAR 6×6 Mark II new technology (NG) artillery system. The Mark II incorporates a new chassis with a extra highly effective 460 hp engine and new computerized gearbox, new hearth management software program, and a Stage 2 mine and ballistic armored cabin elevating the car’s weight to 25 tonnes (27.56 tons).

Royal Danish Army CAESAR 8x8 Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH)
Royal Danish Military CAESAR 8×8 Self-Propelled Howitzers