Colombia has shortlisted a French bid to promote 16 Rafale fighter aircrafts to the South American nation for as much as $3.15 billion. Other than the French provide, Colombia thought-about two different bids from the US and Sweden, which provided offers for Lockheed Martin F-16 and Saab Gripen fighter plane, respectively. Colombian Air Power (FAC, Fuerza Aérea Colombiana) needs to interchange the Israeli-made Kfir plane it acquired within the late Eighties, and would use the brand new planes to defend its territory and conduct aerial surveillance. The Columbian Presidency acknowledged there are not any contracts signed, it is a preliminary negotiation. The price of the fighter aircrafts will probably be paid after 5 years as they’d not wish to compromise on social expenditures.

The Colombian Air Power is the air power of the Republic of Colombia. The Colombian Air Power is among the three establishments of the Navy Forces of Colombia charged, based on the 1991 Structure, working to train and preserve management of Colombia’s airspace and to defend its sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional order. It is among the largest air forces within the Americas (after the US, Brazil and Peru) and has elevated its exercise as a result of essential roles within the battle in opposition to narco-terrorism. Its essential power contains 21 IAI Kfirs as protection fighters and 14 Cessna A-37 Dragonfly plus 24 Embraer 314 Tremendous Tucano for counterinsurgency.


Colombian Air Power IAI Kfir all-weather multirole fight plane. (Photograph Colombian Air Power)

The Israel Plane Industries Kfir (Lion Cub) is an Israeli all-weather multirole fight plane based mostly on the French Dassault Mirage 5, with Israeli avionics and an Israeli-built model of the Basic Electrical J79 turbojet engine. Home manufacturing would keep away from the issue of the embargo utterly; efforts to reverse engineer and reproduce parts of the Mirage had been aided by Israeli espionage efforts to acquire technical help and blueprints from third occasion Mirage operators. The J79 was chosen, which the Israelis started to amass from the US in 1969, together with a license to provide the J79 themselves. The J79 was clearly superior to the unique French Atar 09, offering a dry thrust of 49 kN (11,000 lbf) and an afterburning thrust of 83.4 kN (18,750 lbf).

The Dassault Rafale is a French twin-engine, canard delta wing, multirole fighter plane designed and constructed by Dassault Aviation. Geared up with a variety of weapons, the Rafale is meant to carry out air supremacy, interdiction, aerial reconnaissance, floor assist, in-depth strike, anti-ship strike and nuclear deterrence missions. The Rafale is known as an “omnirole” plane by Dassault. Launched in 2001, the Rafale is being produced for each the French Air Power and for carrier-based operations within the French Navy. The Rafale has been marketed for export to a number of nations, and was chosen for buy by the Egyptian Air Power, the Indian Air Power, the Qatar Air Power, the Hellenic Air Power, the Croatian Air Power, the Indonesian Air Power and the United Arab Emirates Air Power. The Rafale has been utilized in fight over Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Iraq and Syria.

French Navy Dassault Rafale multirole carrier fighter aircraft.
French Navy Dassault Rafale multirole service fighter plane. (Photograph by Dassault Aviation)