China’s indigenously-developed AG600 massive amphibious plane is anticipated to enter the market in 2025. AG600M plane, a mannequin specialised for firefighting belonging to the AG600 massive amphibious plane household, will purpose to acquire the sort certificates in 2024. The AVIC will endeavor to push ahead the preliminary small-batch deliveries of AG600M firefighting plane in 2025. The Chinese language planemaker can even facilitate one other mannequin of the AG600 plane household, particularly for rescue missions, to acquire the sort certificates in 2025. The yr 2023 is necessary for plane improvement, as a sequence of main take a look at missions are scheduled to happen this yr. The AVIC will attempt to make the AG600M plane able to serving firefighting missions.

The AVIC AG600 Kunlong (Water Dragon) is a big amphibious plane designed by AVIC and assembled by CAIGA. After 5 years of improvement, meeting began in August 2014, it was rolled out on 23 July 2016 and it made its first flight from Zhuhai Airport on 24 December 2017; it needs to be licensed in 2021, with deliveries beginning in 2022. The AVIC is dedicated to creating decisive efforts in fulfilling main targets of the AG600 challenge, making contributions to maintain China’s emergency rescue and natural-disaster prevention techniques. It may entry distant atolls within the South China Sea’s Spratly Islands, claimed by a number of bordering nations, because the South China Sea is subjected to territorial disputes. It could actually fly in 4 hours from the southern metropolis of Sanya to James Shoal, the southernmost fringe of China’s territorial claims.


The exams can be carried out to make sure progress towards securing the airworthiness certification. These exams embody flight exams in typical mission eventualities, iron-bird exams, lab validation exams, static exams, airworthiness validation flight exams, and high quality exams for airborne gadgets, amongst others. A member of the AG600 plane household, the AG600M is particularly designed to fight forest fires. Its most take-off weight is 60 tonnes, with a capability of carrying as much as 12 tonnes of water. It could actually conduct low-altitude flying at low velocity, enabling it to drop water precisely on hearth websites. The AG600 plane household made fixed progress in 2022, by way of each plane improvement and market exploration. The AG600 plane household is developed as very important aeronautical tools to strengthen China’s emergency rescue capabilities.

The AVIC AG600 is 39.6 m (129.9 ft) lengthy and has a 38.8 m (127.3 ft) wingspan, its MTOW is 53.5 t (118,000 lb) from paved runways or 48.8 t (108,000 lb) from uneven sea. AVIC claims it’s the largest amphibious plane. It’s heavier than the 41 t (90,000 lb) MTOW Beriev Be-200 or the 47.7 t (105,000 lb) ShinMaywa US-2, however lighter than the 86 t (190,000 lb) Beriev A-40. Earlier seaplanes had been heavier, because the 75 t (165,000 lb) Martin JRM Mars or 180 t (400,000 lb) Hughes H-4 Hercules. The AG600 amphibious plane has a single physique flying boat fuselage, cantilevered excessive wings, 4 WJ-6 turboprops and tricycle retractable touchdown gear. It could actually function from 1,500 by 200 m (4,920 by 660 ft) stretches of water 2.5 m (8.2 ft) deep, and may have the ability to conduct Sea State 3 operations with 2 m (6.6 ft) waves