The QW-12, a sophisticated moveable air protection missile developed by China, lately demonstrated its excellent efficiency in intercepting helicopters, jets and cruise missiles in a live-fire take a look at, with consultants saying on Monday that the weapon is world class, because it displayed an anti-decoy functionality no overseas counterpart has ever proven. Held at a goal vary in North China lately, the take a look at noticed the QW-12 missile efficiently shoot down a specifically designed goal plane constructed to simulate an assault helicopter by mimicking its infrared sign. Because the QW-12 missile was approaching, the plane launched eight decoy flares that resemble the infrared sign of the goal plane in an try to disorient the missile. Nevertheless, the missile ignored the flares and hit the plane. No different comparable missile on the earth has publicly demonstrated this functionality.

After inspecting the QW-12’s functionality to hit a sluggish goal like a helicopter, the take a look at challenged the missile to intercept a sooner goal, which is a 122-millimeter-caliber rocket simulating a jet or a cruise missile that flies at 360 meters a second. Within the second take a look at, the QW-12 once more efficiently intercepted its goal by assembly it head-on, the report stated, noting that due to its pace, a direct impression was troublesome, so the missile used its laser proximity detonator to detonate itself close to the goal, bringing the goal down with shockwaves and fragments. The take a look at confirmed the QW-12’s skills beneath a fancy battlefield setting, because the missile is world class. China exhibited QW collection missiles at protection expos, and they’re going to supply many selections to the worldwide arms market. Whereas the QW-12 is a conveyable weapon, it can be mounted on automobiles, which can give the missile very excessive mobility.


The Folks’s Republic of China-developed QW Vanguard (Qian Wei in Chinese language) is an all-aspect man-portable surface-to-air missile, from which a collection of missiles have been developed. The QW-2, a predecessor of the QW-12, was utilized by all contributors within the air protection competitors of the Worldwide Military Video games. The QW-2 Vanguard 2 is a Chinese language all-aspect man-portable infrared homing guided surface-to-air missile. It’s not clear when the missile first entered service, however it’s more likely to have been between 1998 and 2002. The QianWei 2 (or Vanguard 2, its export identify) is the third-generation shoulder-launched, all-aspect IR-homing, ‘fire-and-forget’ surface-to-air missile developed by Shenyang-based CASIC 119 Manufacturing facility (Shenyang Hangtian Xinle Ltd). The QW-2 was first revealed throughout the 1998 Farnborough Airshow. The missile and launcher of the QW-2 bear sturdy resemblance to these of the Russian 9K310 Igla-1, and the 2 missile techniques are believed to be comparable in efficiency.