Brazilian Military Artillery Command ASTROS II A number of Rocket Launcher System (MLRS) has carried out firing assessments with the brand new upgraded SS-60 300 mm rockets. The SS-60 rocket will be loaded with 4 rounds a launcher and has a spread between 60 km (40 mi). The upgraded SS-60 rocket is developed by the Brazilian armed forces as a part of the ASTROS 2020 (MK6) program. The Astros 2020 will probably be geared up with a 180 mm GPS-guided rocket known as the SS-AV-40G with a spread of 40 km (25 mi) and SS-150 newly developed rockets with a claimed most vary of 150 km. The ASTROS 2020 additionally will probably be built-in with the cruise missile AVMT-300 with 300-km vary.

Avibras Astros Artillery Saturation Rocket System

The ASTROS 2020 provides a number of fundamental enhancements together with an improved armored cabin, trendy digital communications and navigation methods, and a brand new monitoring radar that replaces the AV-UCF’s Contraves Fieldguard system. The brand new monitoring radar utilized by MK6 AV-UCF was latter revealed to be the Fieldguard 3 Army Measurement System from Rheinmetall Air Defence. The brand new MK6 system will use Tatra Vehicles’ T815-790R39 6×6 and T815-7A0R59 4×4 vehicles as an alternative of the unique Tectran VBT-2028 (Mercedes-Benz 2028A) 6×6 truck. it would require an estimated funding of $210 million will probably be invested solely in growth. 36 Astros 2020 methods are to be acquired.


Avibras Astros Rocket Variants
Avibras Astros AV-TM 300 450 mm Cruise missile

ASTROS II (Artillery Saturation Rocket System) is a self-propelled a number of rocket launcher produced in Brazil by the Avibras firm. It options modular design and employs rockets with calibers starting from 127 mm to 450 mm. A full ASTROS system consists of 1 wheeled 4×4 Battery-level Command car (AV-PCC), 1 wheeled 6×6 Radar Hearth Management car (AV-UCF), 6 wheeled 6×6 Common A number of Rocket, Launchers car (AV-LMU), 6 wheeled 6×6 Ammunition Resupply autos (AV-RMD), 1 wheeled 6×6 Subject restore/workshop car (AV-OFVE) and 1 wheeled 4×4 Cell Climate Station car(AV-MET).

Avibras Astros Artillery Saturation Rocket System
Avibras Astros Artillery Saturation Rocket System

The command autos and climate stations are current additions, designed to enhance general system efficiency on newer variations. All autos are transportable in a C-130 Hercules. The launcher is able to firing rockets or missile of various calibers (127mm, 180mm and 300 mm) armed with a spread of warheads. Avibras has developed a tactical missile for launch from ASTROS II. The autonomously-guided Astros TM may have a spread of 300km and will be fitted with a wide range of warheads. Avibras additionally has developed a fiber optic guided multi-purpose missile (anti-tank, anti-fortification and anti-helicopter missile).

Avibras Astros Launchers Vehicle
Avibras Astros 6×6 Common A number of Rocket, Launchers car