Boeing has delivered two new ground-based interceptors to the U.S. Missile Protection Company, or MDA, in Fort Greely, Alaska — house to the missile fields that defend your complete United States homeland from long-range ballistic threats. The extra interceptors strengthen the capability, functionality and reliability of the Floor-based Midcourse Protection, or GMD, system. Floor-Primarily based Midcourse Protection (GMD) is the US’ anti-ballistic missile system for intercepting incoming warheads in area, throughout the midcourse section of ballistic trajectory flight. It’s a main part of the American missile protection technique to counter ballistic missiles, together with intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) carrying nuclear, chemical, organic or standard warheads.

“We proceed to drive the modernization and technological development of the GMD system in assist of important nationwide safety wants. The Floor-Primarily based Interceptors stay the one operationally deployed missile part of GMD. These deliveries characterize the fruits of efforts to broaden and improve our homeland missile protection,” mentioned Debbie Barnett, vice chairman and program director of GMD for Boeing.


“Boeing is making America’s homeland protection stronger. From integration to testing and fielding, I couldn’t be prouder of everybody concerned with reaching this milestone. We take nice satisfaction in supporting the vital GMD mission,” mentioned Jim Bryan, Boeing’s Floor-Primarily based Interceptor director.

A Boeing and the U.S. Missile Protection Company group emplace a ground-based interceptor at Fort Greely, Alaska. (Photograph by Boeing)

After remaining meeting at Vandenberg Area Pressure Base, California, the interceptors have been flown to Fort Greely aboard Boeing C-17 Globemaster plane, that are designed for long-haul navy transport of outsized payloads in unpredictable circumstances. The deliveries are a part of the GMD Service Life Extension Program, or SLEP, which is designed to improve the reliability of present interceptors, and combine new and current parts to extend the variety of interceptors accessible to the warfighter. Together with take a look at articles, Boeing continues to assist ongoing building in Fort Greely to additional broaden system capability.

Boeing can be growing and using cutting-edge applied sciences to boost the GMD system, together with incorporating transformational digital engineering capabilities and supporting evolving necessities wanted to make sure the system’s continued effectiveness towards proliferating threats. Boeing has been the lead integrator of the GMD system since 1998. As prime contractor, the corporate designs, produces, integrates, assessments and sustains all GMD parts deployed throughout 15 time zones. The system is the cornerstone of the MDA’s layered ballistic missile protection structure — offering an around-the-clock functionality to defend all 50 states at a second’s discover.