A choose group of Air Power aircrew travelled to Malaysia for specialised coaching with the Royal Malaysian Air Power (RMAF) to arrange for the high-G atmosphere of flying superior fighter plane. The Pulls-G centrifuge coaching course is run by the RAAF Institute of Aviation Medication and makes use of the RMAF’s trendy centrifuge facility in Kuala Lumpur. The coaching was designed to reinforce understanding of high-G physiology for aircrew working quick jets. The centrifuge permits them to follow and enhance anti-G straining manoeuvres (AGSM) via publicity to high-G hundreds in a managed and protected method. After coursework and classroom coaching, the members strap into the centrifuge which, spinning at nice velocity, generates excessive G-force.

Because the G-forces improve, the physiological adjustments that happen within the human physique will finally result in G-induced lack of consciousness, and personnel should counter this by performing the AGSM methods learnt throughout the course. Warrant Officer Brenden Reilly, Squadron Warrant Officer with the Institute of Aviation Medication, was instrumental in overseeing the course. The position of the Institute of Aviation Medication is to reinforce the effectiveness and security of ADF air operations by conducting analysis into aviation medication, and coaching ADF aircrew to know and handle the physiological results of flight.


“Whereas the scholars have flown the BAE Hawk so far, they haven’t skilled the extent of G nor the speed of G onset that they expertise within the centrifuge. To maneuver on to flying our newest fifth era quick jets, crews want publicity to the proper AGSM approach to deal with sustained high-G flight,” Warrant Officer Reilly stated.

Colonel Physician Mazdy Ismail, Head of Physiology on the RMAF Pulls-G facility, commented on the robust relationship developed between the RAAF and the RMAF although the coaching. “We’re very proud and honoured to have been capable of host acceleration centrifuge coaching for RAAF aircrew since 2008. “The friendship constructed throughout the coaching is a useful asset that has opened the pathway for extra cooperation between RAAF and RMAF,” Colonel Ismail stated.

Group Captain Simon Fowl, Chief of Workers of the Air Warfare Centre, agreed. “We strongly worth what we’ve got with the RMAF and the mutual advantages that circulation from coaching occasions corresponding to Pulls-G,” Group Captain Fowl stated. “Malaysia has a wonderful centrifuge coaching facility, and these occasions present enduring classes that our latest quick jet aviators will apply all through their flying careers.”

Contributors within the RAAF/RMAF Pulls-G Centrifuge Coaching Course stand in entrance of the RMAF Centrifuge situated in Kuala Lumpur. The course was held in October 2022. Pulls-G Centrifuge coaching is designed to reinforce the understanding and applicability of Excessive-G physiology for aircrew working excessive efficiency plane.